Friday, 2 January 2009

Setting the peplum free

I've posted about this blouse before, here, and I mentioned how I normally tuck the peplum away into skirts, but when worn with trousers I set the peplum free, loud and proud. Well today I did just that, and teamed it with a waistcoat, an idea which occured to me whilst drifting off to sleep the other night. I'm actually really happy with the result. It manages to transform the look quite a bit from the blouse just on its own. I love love love these shoes, and have been wearing them a lot more recently. When I bought them the laces were big satiny ribbons, which were just too fussy and took up too much room, so a couple of weeks ago I swapped the laces for more subdued ones, and I now wear the shoes a lot more. The effect of the lacing is clearer for all to see, and they just look better, so well done me. I'm quite enjoying the flashes of red at the bottom, middle and top of the outfit, from tights, belt and earrings respectively. The gloves I got for Christmas and are just like my other long leather gloves, apart from they are topped off with black fur, yay! I can already tell that now I have a more exciting, super version of long black leather gloves, the old ones shall be ignored, as they pale in comparison. Furry bits make everything more fun!    

Cape (Mango), leather gloves (M&S), shoes (Kurt Geiger), shirt (Sara Berman), waistcoat (New Look), belt (ebay?), trousers (H&M). 

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