Friday, 16 January 2009

Déjà vu

After wearing the black one yesterday, I thought I'd bring out the white version of this top. Its the same top, and the same sihouette created from my skirt, but quite a different look from yesterdays version. Its a shame the lace is cut so low, as much of my bra is seen, and it sort of spoils the bottom of the lace section. Oh but I just had a about layering a coloured vest underneath the lace section...? I'll have to give it a go later. I checked the blog archives and found that I haven't worn my green fringe jacket for over a month, oh the shame! It occurred to me the other day that the reason I don't wear it much is because of its gold buttons (which I added myself). I have mentioned before how pedantic I am when it comes to mixing metals, so when wearing a 'silver' outfit (as in silver jewellery/hardwear on my belts, shoes, bags etc), I just would not be able to bring myself to wear the jacket, with its gold buttons. So I removed the gold buttons, replaced them with the original green ones, and now I am free to wear it with whichever metal I damn well choose! Today being a dry day I also took the opportunity to give these suede shoes another shot. I wasn't totally happy with the first outfit I put together with them (admittedly, I was just desperate to take them out asap, without much thought to the outfit). I'll be trying them with trousers next. 

Coat (Therapy), leather gloves (M&S), vintage belt, bag (Lulu Guinness), shoes (Miu Miu), blazer (John Lewis), top (Miss Selfridge), skirt (American Apparel).  

Tiny little pressed flowers in my earrings, they'd go well with this dress of mine. 


Cassidy said...

I love this outfit! Now I want it. haha.


i really dont understand why you dont get as many comments/readers since some of the very mediocre blogs out there do! each of of your posts are filled with outfits that look straight out of a vogue need to market yourself girl!!! you deserve a modeling contract or something!

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