Monday, 12 January 2009

I like big heels and I cannot lie

Yesterdays look was kind of fussy, so I've pared down the look today, for something more simple. I wore this outfit whilst shopping, the fruits of which you will no doubt see in this coming weeks posts. It occured to me whilst dressing that the outfit is a bit of a miss-match, the only thing making it coherent being the colours used throughout: the blazer adds a masculine touch; the red top gives off a 50's sweater girl vibe; and the shoes...well, lets be honest, wouldn't look out of place in a strip club. But it was good fun to wear, I seem to be enjoying the pairing of black and red with grey recently. The shoes I bought a week or so ago. I simply cannot resist a massive heel, plus I really have a thing for lace up shoes AND shoes which have holes in them, thus allowing different colours underneath to come through. Urgh I can't wait to wear them out more, I love teetering about in big heels. The jumper I got ages ago, and have hardly worn, but I wanted something red to wear today, and it does have an awfully pretty, wintery sparkle party around the neckline. I should wear it more often, I just need to figure out how to get it into more outfits.

Coat (Therapy), gloves (Jarrolds), bag (Luella), socks (, vintage blazer, trousers (H&M), black top (H&M), red top (M&S), shoes (Office).

1 comment:

Emma Sara said...

the shoes are amazing, really, they seem to be from the future, i've never seen something similar

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