Friday, 9 January 2009

Fabulous fringed skirt fit for frolicking

Todays outfit was fun to wear. I twirled around a lot and shook my bum. This skirt was an amazing ebay find, it has no label and is kind of unfinished, leading me to believe it was handmade diy affair. It's totally wearable though, and I've only had to add a hook and eye to improve the fit. It has a sort of Hawaiian grass skirt vibe, no? The top was just a plain, warm, practical top that needed some excitement. So I swapped its buttons for some vintage enamel ones from the twenties, and some tiny brass patterned ones. The close up shot shows the detail of the enamel, and the gold, dark red and turquoise colours used. The buttons basically inspired the whole outfit, as I wanted to wear gold (the skirt) and turquoise (the necklace). The necklace is one of my favourites but doesn't get much wear as it is an awkward colour... sort of somewhere between turquoise and duck egg blue. The stones of the necklace actually do look like little eggs, I believe it is Czech. The bangle is also worth a mention, as it has such an unusual effect. The close up shot towards the end of the post will show you what I mean, but its like a load of gold studs encased in a smooth covering of resin. From afar its as if you can touch the studs, like a 3d effect, but the bangle is totally smooth.

When I stepped out of my door today I found a parcel waiting for me. Don't you hate it when the postman doesn't knock? So, a late addition to my outfit were these socks, which came in the parcel (along with an array of other colored socks). They were called 'aqua' and I expected a much more vivid colour, but I'm quite pleased actually because the pale blue seems to match my necklace pretty well. They're actually knee length and quite sheer, so I've doubled them up several times to get a more intense colour. Something about the socks and shoes is reminding me of Grease? Am I mad? Maybe I'm getting confused with something else....

Coat (Mango), fur stole (M&S), leather gloves (M&S), top (Zara), vintage buttons, vintage skirt, vintage bag, shoes (Dune), socks (

Matching turquoise eyeliner and eyeshadow...and a darker lipstick than normal.


Vintage Tea said...

Amazing skirt

Ulla said...

Found you while seeing who has been visiting my blog recently... Love your style! And you are very striking no matter what you wear! I am delighted to be one of your links!

ldvnicole said...

Love the skirt with all my heart, but love the sea foam/teal, black, and gold color combo even more!!!

CultureCynic said...

your blog is the best thing i ve found online oozes ahmaziness!!!! u style is the best i ve seen in blogsphere period. your understanding of colour is awe inspiring, and the way everything comes together wivout contrivances or pretences its so refreshing in this blogsphere universe where ppl are easily imressionable. am glad i found this blog, AHMAZZZING!!!!! although i might never comment on every log but they are all too fantastic that sometimes all i can do is stare and be amazed. glad i bummped into your pix on chictopia!


Cassidy said...

That skirt is to die for. You always seem to find the most stunning and beautiful vintage pieces.

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