Sunday, 4 January 2015

Buttoned Blues

I bought this skirt last winter wanting to try a new silhouette. I loved the slight Chinoiserie of the cobalt/gold fabric but was unsure about the deep ruffled hem/drop-waist. The ruffle is of varying depths, being deeper and more flamboyant at the front, giving you two ways to wear the skirt. I think I prefer the bigger ruffle at the back, giving a bustle effect and leaving a daintier frill to the front.

Here I styled the skirt with an antique blue velvet bodice for a party look last Christmas (not Christmas last week, but Christmas a year and a week ago...I've been busy, oops. I was obviously going through a bit of a blue velvet phase at the time). Not sure on it's exact age, but it has lovely brass buttons all the way down the back and I love seeing the construction of garments like this from the inside. 

Antique bodice, skirt (ASOS), shoes (French Connection), vintage jewellery. 


And I wore the skirt in a more casual context for a birthday meal; breaking up the black with a 1920's cream celluloid necklace. Still not 100% sold on the skirt. The perfectionist in me wishes it were higher waisted and a better fit, but it's nice to try something new every so often. 

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