Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More Camphor

So, following on from the previous post, here is my new camphor necklace! It's pretty sweet, reminds me of a little book, or as my mum said, a picture frame. The outfit is quite conservative, nothing too special. I will just mention the wedges, as they were a complete bargain. I'm not that into wedges, but these are cute and nice for summer. I got them around this time last year in the sale, for £30 down from about £130. I couldn't believe the discount, especially since it was just before summer, I would have thought they'd go on sale after summer, not before. Oh well, I'm not complaining. 

Shoes (Pied a Terre), skirt with belt (eBay), top (?)


^ Earring and pendant set - $750

A couple of weeks ago I came across camphor jewellery, something I had never seen before. I am now completely enamoured with it! Camphor refers to the type of glass used in the jewellery. Thats about all I know with regards to camphor glass jewellery, but from what I have seen so far, there is usually a frosted pattern in the glass, or it is completely frosted. It seems to have been very popular around the 1910's and 20's, as most pieces are I've found are from that time. The easiest examples of camphor to find are the pendants, which are usually encased with beautiful filigree work, and centred with a rhinestone or diamond. The pendants nearly always have a beautiful chain as well, making them extra exciting! Anyway, enough talking, here are some pretty examples...  

Pendant - price unknown

Pendant - price unknown

Earrings - £165

Pendant - $138

Pendant - $75

Pendant - $895

Pendant - $159

Bracelet - $115

Camphor rings are few and far between, but just as lovely as the pendants - $265

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ring - price unknown

Pendant - $295 

Here is the necklace I chose as my first piece of camphor jewellery. I wanted a rectangular pendant, and chose this red one as it is more unusual to find camphor pieces with colour to them.
 I'll do an outfit post incorporating my new necklace later on today. 

Images from directiques.com, shopzacharyssmile.com, vintagecostumejewellery.com, sparklz.com; redemtion and LorriMichelle Jewelry at eBay; A Twinkle in Time, Decotini, Amedee Jewelry and Maiden Memories at Ruby Lane

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lilac and Red

I bought this rather summery, girly, flowery vest a week or so ago (those are adjectives I never thought I'd use). Initially, I just got it in black, but it was so so cheap, and there were so so many colours to choose from, I went back and got a mint green one and a lilac one. I've talked about my love/hate feelings towards purple on here before, but this particular shade of watered down purple is perfectly acceptable, and even rather lovely, with red accents. I'm really not a fan of purple and red together, but somehow lilac and red works. I wouldn't normally opt for lilac, but I wanted something to wear with my purple sunglasses...and today was sunny enough to justify sunglasses, for the first time this year! I did some sparkly lilac eye make-up, which was actually rather lovely but the camera didn't pick up on it very well. You'll just have to trust me.

Vintage shoes, bag (Anna Sui), vintage skirt, blazer (John Lewis), vest (Primark), belt (eBay)

I should probably adjust the straps so there's not quite so much bra showing through, its the sort of thing that really annoys me!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Feeling Secretarial

My camera is being a bitch and not doing what she was born to do. I guess I dropped her one too many times and she's finally had enough. What I'm trying to say, is that most of the following photo's are a blurry mess. Hopefully its not too off-putting, I doubt anyone comes here to view my photographic skills anyway. So onto the outfit...both my nan and my parents said I looked like a 50's secretary today, and who am I to argue against those with first-hand experience* of the 50's? The top is some kind of tacky 70's/80's polyester t-shirt, which was so cheap I couldn't resist. It's got a sort of fleur de lis/crest pattern on it, the sort you'd normally find on a silk scarf. I picked up on the hints of red in the pattern to accessorize the outfit with various red things...oh, I'm so predictable.

Vintage shoes, vintage top, cardigan (H&M), skirt (Topshop)

*My mother will berate me for saying that, so I should add that my parents were young children in the 50's, therefore it's only really my nan who was speaking from experience

Monday, 20 April 2009

Green T

I wear green a lot these days, so it's only natural that eventually I'd want a pair of green shoes, what with me being all matchy matchy. Finding the right shade of deep foresty green was a problem, even eBay didn't throw up much hope. Until, that is, I found these cute t-bar suede flats, which apparently no-one else wanted, as I was the only bidder (yay, cheap shoes). T-bar flats were actually also on my list of things to try out...two birds, one stone. They came with matching velvet ribbons, but I felt they were too thick to be attractive and too wintery to be appropriate, so I've swapped them for some thin black laces. Of course, I can add any colour or length laces/ribbons when I want, so the possiblities with this shoe are plentiful. 

Shoes (Office), dress (Topshop), vintage wasitcoat, vintage belt

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Muriel Grateau

Just how amazing is this ring by Muriel Grateau? It's made of molten onyx...and in case she gets lonely on your hand, there's an equally stunning gentleman to match, complete with turban....

 £700 each, via Browns.

Another molten onyx ring with a carved face, this time with a red carnelian cabochon. I really love the way his beard flows into the band of the ring, and the way the carnelian looks like a hat atop his head. 
£2,830 via Browns.

Not only has Grateau done some great things with molten onyx, but she's used blackened gold in intricate formations to create a lace like effect. Reminiscent of Berlin Ironwork...very gothic, very me.

This ring is reminiscient of one of my rings, apart from mine was much much cheaper and is much less fabulous. 
£1,085 via Browns.

Damn, I really want this bracelet! 
18K blackened white gold, £2,840 via Browns. Maybe I'll wait for the Browns sale...

I'm a bit of an antique jewellery geek, so finding a contemporary jewellery designer who I actually like is rather a rare event. I can only think of one other current jeweller that I admire, and that is Lara Bohinc. Although, I'm not exactly a jewellery buff so there probably would be others out there if I looked harder. 

all images from brownsfashion.com
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