Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Golden Touch

Whilst painting my nails silver a few days ago, it occured to me that my life is missing gold nail varnish. So off I went, into town to search for some. It didn't take me long to find a suitable gold fix, and whilst out shopping I also managed to get this top for the grand total of £4. Yep, its from the cesspit that is Primark. There are several reasons why I avoid Primark...its chaotic, tacky, unorganized, poor quality...but, after finding this top in there on Saturday, the cheap price lured me into purchasing. The fabric and construction quality are less than desirable, but it has those sort of flowy, cape like sleeves I so love. On a side note, I'm actually quite proud of myself for resisting the black, and buying it in white!

Shoes (Viktor & Rolf), top (Primark), skirt (Topshop).

1 comment:

Cassidy said...

Those last shoes are amazing!

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