Sunday, 31 October 2010

Lady, you look fab

Last night on the X-Factor (yes cringe, its my guilty pleasure), contestant Rebecca Ferguson wore a beautiful dress that had me in fits of jealousy. Red velvet, black lace and a caped silhouette, I was straight onto Google to find the designer of this gorgeous creation. Alexander Wang is the man responsible, as the dress formed part of his Fall 2010 collection. The dress is on sale at Liberty, or available full price at Luisaviaroma.

Liberty (was £790, now £553)

Luisaviaroma (£727.56)

I tried to find some clear shots of Rebecca wearing the dress, but had to make do with some grainy Youtube screen shots. The theme to last nights show was Halloween, so whoever styled Rebecca went all out and completely over did it. Huge earrings, red spider in hair, long plaited was all a bit much, even for me. The dress was always going to be the star of the show however, and caught my eye immediately. What do you think, early Christmas present for myself?!

edit: finally found a clear full length shot....

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mint Mesh

For the longest time I have been searching for an antique mesh Chatelaine purse. Antique mesh and chainmail purses are easy to find online or at antiques stores/fairs, but I am pretty fussy and wanted it to be perfect. As I wanted it for jewellery purposes, it had to be small and, importantly, had to have a finger loop so that I could add a chain and wear it as a pendant, or add a pin and wear it as a brooch . A couple of weeks ago, my patience was rewarded as I came across the perfect sized purse in mint condition. The design is rather plain, but I love it and the fact that it's in amazing condition. The hallmarks along the frame tell me it is from London, 1910.

On a side note, the trousers I'm wearing are the AA 'riding pant', however wearing them I get less of an equestrian vibe and more of a deep-sea diving vibe. Not entirely sure how comfortable I am with this...

Blouse (Zara), trousers (American Apparel), vest (Topshop), shoes (Miu Miu)

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Ones That Got Away

A selection of recent eBay finds..... Most of the auctions have already ended, with me either being outbid, or (even worse), completely forgetting to bid at all. Others, I'm just dreaming of buying....


1930's rayon robe - $168.50 sold


1920's coral dress - $202.50 reserve not met








Ornate belt buckle - £48.10 sold







Immaculate 1920's beaded dress - $2990 available now





Devils head purse from 1874 - £820 available now


1930's piano shawl - £295 available now


Finally, a couple of dedications to the glorious Nicole over at Fashion Forestry. I would love to see her in this 1920's cocoon coat with floral lining...

...and if she weren't already married, I'm sure this little 1920's garter would make such a cute wedding gift for her!

Phew, long post! Any favourites?
I don't own any of the pictures, they belong to their lovely respective eBay sellers.
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