Monday, 22 March 2010

Cowboy Brogues

I've spent the past couple of weeks obsessively wearing all my velvet and furry items, squeezing every last wear out of them before Spring comes. The past couple of days have been pretty mild, so I guess its bye bye to my fur coat, at least until the Autumn time.
The shoes in today's post pretty much haven't left my feet since I bought them. Brogues are rather ubiquitous these days, but these bad boys are so damn cool I couldn't say no. They have a really clunky, quite ugly, heel and are gloriously pointed. Side on, their profile reminds me of cowboy boots. But brogue cowboy boots. For the businessman cowboy.
Those of you who have read my blog for a while may remember my penchant for Liberty of London goods, specifically those with the Ianthe print. I have four Liberty handbags, each made with the Ianthe print (that seems pretty obsessive, but they are gorgeous)....and now I have a delightful Ianthe print sheer burgundy t-shirt to prance around in. Please Liberty, let me be a spokesperson for your products, and send me free stuff :-)

Vintage fur coat, vintage shoes, scarf (M&S), cardigan (Topshop), velvet trousers (, t-shirt (Liberty of London), vest (

Red metallic eyeliner...? Yes please!

Currently cooing over....

In love with bloodstone at the moment. This Art Nouveau bloodstone ring is calling my name

Fancy pants Victorian parure using ancient Roman coins

Incredible Persian miniatures necklace

Dreamy peachy kimono

Plum velvet cocoon cape - described as a 1920's piece, this rather reminds me of an earlier Poiret-esque silhouette. The draped, relaxed top section taking inspiration from the Far East, banded tightly at the hem, perfect over those restrictive hobble skirts he invented.

Edwardian silk purse with beautiful lining

Bad ass antique decanter I need in my house right now

Beautiful print, unfortunately already reserved for some lucky lady (or guy, I suppose)

Art Nouveau candelabra

Mmmustardy celluloid dance purse

Tiny little filigree coin purse

Jaw-dropping antique cuff. Belongs on my wrist

Oh so pretty 1950's Bill Blass dress

Art Deco celluloid vanity purse

Silk beaded flapper dress, in remarkable condition

Crazy dyed fox fur and leather vest

Incredible silver antique bag

And finally...the one that got away. I don't know why I didn't buy this when I first saw it, but my hesitancy cost me dearly. I regret not buying it so so much. I mean, what the hell even is it? A 1920's fur pom-pom vest thing? I hope you went to a good home!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

After the Storm

I'm back after a mini hiatus. I'm sure you all know why... four weeks of intense fashion bombardment leaves not a lot of time for blogging! I must say I was rather underwhelmed by the Fall 2010/11 shows. There were some moments of excellence, but there were no shows I absolutely loved, no mind-blowing displays of wild creativity. It was a rather subdued affair, obviously marred by the untimely death of Lee McQueen, but with the looks shown too, there was an overarching theme of mini...minima....minimalis....arrgh I can't bring myself to say it. It's a dirty word! Lets just say things were pared back, and me no likey. I'm going to be horribly unfashionable next winter, what with my love of patterns/embellishment/opulence... luckily I'm too cool to give a shit about looking on trend.

I had no idea my white bra is so visible under this vest. Perhaps time to invest in a nude bra (ugh normally they look so clinical... prosthetic even. So it'd have to be a pretty nude bra. Actually, I wonder whether mustard bras exist anywhere.....hmm. /End of soliloquy.)

Vintage leather jacket, shoes (French Connection), vintage scarf, blouse and velvet trousers (, vest (Ted Baker).

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