Monday, 22 March 2010

Cowboy Brogues

I've spent the past couple of weeks obsessively wearing all my velvet and furry items, squeezing every last wear out of them before Spring comes. The past couple of days have been pretty mild, so I guess its bye bye to my fur coat, at least until the Autumn time.
The shoes in today's post pretty much haven't left my feet since I bought them. Brogues are rather ubiquitous these days, but these bad boys are so damn cool I couldn't say no. They have a really clunky, quite ugly, heel and are gloriously pointed. Side on, their profile reminds me of cowboy boots. But brogue cowboy boots. For the businessman cowboy.
Those of you who have read my blog for a while may remember my penchant for Liberty of London goods, specifically those with the Ianthe print. I have four Liberty handbags, each made with the Ianthe print (that seems pretty obsessive, but they are gorgeous)....and now I have a delightful Ianthe print sheer burgundy t-shirt to prance around in. Please Liberty, let me be a spokesperson for your products, and send me free stuff :-)

Vintage fur coat, vintage shoes, scarf (M&S), cardigan (Topshop), velvet trousers (, t-shirt (Liberty of London), vest (

Red metallic eyeliner...? Yes please!


WendyB said...

Great look, from head to toe.

Grace said...

I've always loved what a little red around the eye can do! Gorgeous. And the brogues and shirt are gorgeous also.

Love Grace.

mom & son said...

How are you, sweetie!
You look beautiful.
Good make and nice outfit!


That coat of yours is gorgeous. I love the whole looks. I couldn't believe Karla sold the belt either and the prices was pretty low on it. It is in excellent condition for vintage. xo

Hi, I'm Ely. said...

those shoes have the perfect amount of point! i wannt.

Poisonn Amour said...

amazing :) love the cardigan + T! great layering :)

Sandra said...

Look at those shoes! They are so so beautiful! Ah...Breathless...

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