Monday, 31 January 2011

Winter's Wonders

Two items have dominated my wardrobe this winter: this vintage fur coat and velvet leggings. I bought the coat in the summer meaning I obviously had to wait a few impatient months to wear it. It's been my go to coat all winter, keeping me warm and cosy. The floral velvet leggings had me enamoured at first sight. I love the colours used and the devoré's sort of like Autumn exploded all over my legs. I went a little crazy with the photographing of them, but they photograph so beautifully.

Vintage coat and dress, antique belt, leggings (Urban Outfitters), shoes (Dune), gloves (M&S)

^Beautiful Egyptian/Art Nouveau style brooch my boyfriend bought me.
And below, a close up of my feet. The chains are anklets I bought two of, so I could wear them both together. They go well with a lot of my shoes, but hurt like hell.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tudor Style

Alice bands are quickly shedding their dodgy 80's connotations (something I doubt scrunchies will ever achieve). Browsing Asos earlier, I came across this leather studded spine alice band, which I found rather intriguing. Despite its modern, even Alien-esque/sci-fi look, I immediately thought of Anne Boleyn. The model looks rather regal don't you think?

Anne Boleyn: way ahead of her time. Almost 500 years ahead in fact.

Alternatively, Jennifer Behr can help you achieve that Tudor style, with these rather beautiful twisted velvet designs. I'd be willing to give these looks a go, not sure how I'd style my hair though.

images from:;;;

Friday, 21 January 2011


I love this antique lion brooch. Unfortunately for me, someone else loved it and bought it before I could. Spewing forth out of his mouth are tiny little charms of his prey. It's pretty macabre, but rather poetic too. I can't help but wonder who first wore this, or commissioned it...

All images from Etsy seller 'Iciernia'

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Festive Frock

Terribly sorry for the long absence. I was enjoying the festive period and catching up with this and that. Christmas may be a distant memory now, but I thought I'd share some photos from the day as I wore a beautiful dress. I've been meaning to photograph this dress since I bought it early last year, yet never quite got round to it. Luckily, Christmas provided the perfect excuse to wear such a posh frock. The dress is from 1944, with black semi-sheer material layered over pinky red. The bodice has a lovely rose motif and a floppy collar fashioned into a bow. The pleated full skirt is so swishy and perfect for floating around in. It is a little large for me (the arm holes gape a lot so I have to be careful not to flash sideboob) but the sash at the waist helps pull it in and keep things in place. It was a delight to wear, now all I need are more formal events to go to so I can enjoy wearing it again.

Vintage dress, shoes (Poste Mistress)

I've had these lace-trimmed velvet shoes for over 5 years, but never have worn them outside of the house. So scared I'll ruin them!

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