Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Festive Frock

Terribly sorry for the long absence. I was enjoying the festive period and catching up with this and that. Christmas may be a distant memory now, but I thought I'd share some photos from the day as I wore a beautiful dress. I've been meaning to photograph this dress since I bought it early last year, yet never quite got round to it. Luckily, Christmas provided the perfect excuse to wear such a posh frock. The dress is from 1944, with black semi-sheer material layered over pinky red. The bodice has a lovely rose motif and a floppy collar fashioned into a bow. The pleated full skirt is so swishy and perfect for floating around in. It is a little large for me (the arm holes gape a lot so I have to be careful not to flash sideboob) but the sash at the waist helps pull it in and keep things in place. It was a delight to wear, now all I need are more formal events to go to so I can enjoy wearing it again.

Vintage dress, shoes (Poste Mistress)

I've had these lace-trimmed velvet shoes for over 5 years, but never have worn them outside of the house. So scared I'll ruin them!


Judy C said...

Your outfit is stunning. I am so jealous.

Dial V for Vintage said...

What a wonderful dress! Perfect for Christmas indeed, it's very festive :).

lyrebirdgully said...

Ms HoH, your cocktail gown looks as if it feels beautiful in the wearing, even comfortable -- not always a feature of modern evening dress. That burgundy colour is one of my favourites- and how cute are those velvet slippers? right out of a fairytale! so glad you didn't put modern shoes with this frock.
I have photos of my mother in the 1940s wearing evening gowns with the exact same shoulder strap style as yours. I've still got the gold-coated kid leather belt she wore with so many of them, that matched her gold-coated strappy kid evening shoes (unfortunately long gone, not that they would have fittd me anyway!) I hope you will find lots of reasons to wear this gown again!

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