Saturday, 27 February 2010

I Adore You

I bought this Sheri Bodell top a few weeks ago, and have been eager to share it on the blog ever since. Photos really don't do this fringed masterpiece justice. There is so much movement in the fringing, a video was practically imperative. The top is essentially a silk t-shirt with attached fringed cape, reminiscent of a piano shawl in its scale. It's deceptively difficult to get into, totally impractical and a touch too big.... but I love it.

I'm not going to win any awards for my video editing skills, but it was my first attempt and just a bit of fun! I'm wearing a vintage skirt and belt, Kurt Geiger shoes, and this Sheri Bodell top.

P.S. Brownie points if you can name the song.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Lady, you look fab - Mia Wasikowska

Oh la la! I don't think I need to explain why I love this, but I will just say I adore how the skirt appears to be patchworked from different types of the gown so much depth. Here we have Alice herself, Mia Wasikowska, at the London premier of Alice in Wonderland, wearing Fall 09 Valentino Couture. Divine!

images from here and here

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Rogue Robe

Whilst browsing Etsy for the perfect piece of embroidered salmon (see previous post), I came across this adorable little bird, and just knew he'd sit prettily upon my bouffant. The postman's face when I opened the door to him looking like this was priceless....I'm hoping it was silent admiration not apprehension that came over him. Mine may not be as impressive as Natasha Poly's creation, but she had Dior's budget and creative talent on her side, plus mine is way more practical!
Anyway, the point of this post is not the little guy in my hair, but my new (old) robe. I've been looking for an embroidered silk or satin house robe/kimono type thing for a while now. Me being me, I wanted a mega authentic, heavily embroidered, tasselled, turn-of-the-century one, but those are both hard to find and way more expensive than later examples.

^Pretty huh? In the end I found a reasonably priced 1940's robe, with just enough embroidery to keep me happy (for now). The shoes I'm wearing are a fairly recent purchase, again in the ever elusive shade of salmon I crave. The website described them as orange, but they really are a vibrant pinky peach colour, like a neon flesh tone. Lovely!
p.s. I didn't actually leave the house in this 'outfit', rather I just elegantly lounged around the house. Although....I am tempted to wear the robe outside, it'd be difficult to make it not look like I'm in my pyjamas though. Hmmm

Vintage robe, leggings (H&M), vest (Gap), shoes (

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Specifically Salmon

Any post following the previous one will seem a little trivial. It’s been a strange week, with the news still sinking in and playing on my mind…but the show must go on. Lately I’ve been increasingly drawn to salmony/peachy coloured clothes. I think it all began months ago with this delightful Willow blouse presenting a gorgeous bit of colour I wouldn’t mind wearing. Then came the peachy Topshop vest….and now, well, you’ll see in the next outfit post, I'm growing rather fond of this particular shade.

Of course, being the dark and brooding type that I am, I’m not completely happy with solid neutral colour. I really like the idea of black embroidery/lace overlay on neutral pieces, to provide an ornate contrast. However, satiating my craving for such specific items is proving to be difficult. In my mind, a plethora of beautiful salmony peachy clothing is out there; sadly, the reality is very different. I already have a white blouse with black embroidery around the neckline, but I want salmon damnit! I really have my heart set on finding a salmon blouse with black embroidered accents….hopefully with Spring on its way the shops will have something perfect for me!

l-r clockwise from top: Clements Ribeiro; Alexander McQueen; 3.1 Phillip Lim; Alexander McQueen; Topshop; Alexander McQueen; antique; L'Wren Scott; Jacques Vert; Javani; Oscar de la Renta; Temperley.

Alberta Ferretti x2

Alexander McQueen, John Galliano

Temperley, Oscar de la Renta

final six images from

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Alexander McQueen 1969-2010

So shocked and saddened to hear of Lee McQueens passing. The void he will leave is immeasurable. I believe he had so much more to give; a beauty the world will now never get to see.
I really can't think of any other designer whose death would touch me this much. I do hope this post doesn't seem tacky, or in bad taste. I genuinely feel this is such a great loss. Of course, this is a horrible personal loss to those who knew him. He was a real person, not just a spectacular artist.... so, to his friends and family, I give my condolences.

Friday, 5 February 2010


So I've had this hat for a while now, and it sort of had me defeated. I wanted to wear it pulled down over my ears in a turban-esque way, but felt that the main body of the hat looked too flat and deflated looking. Just plonking it on top of my head away from my ears looked…well…questionable. So, I gave up on it; the hat defeated me. Until a couple of days ago that is, when it occurred to me I could try adding to the hat, building up volume with scarves.....

.....meh... .............



..........Yay! So finally I found a way to wear the hat and be happy. The brooch is a cheap old one I added myself. The skirt is a crushed velvet Topshop sale bargain, and the bangle is also flocked velvet, which I thought was most unusual. It was a bitch to photograph, really adorable though.

Vintage hat, scarves (?), antique belt, shoes (Ravel), blouse (Oasis), velvet skirt (Topshop), cardigan (Topshop)

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