Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sorely Tempted

I receive far too many email updates and newsletters from online stores. Every day, a little bit of temptation drops into my inbox. Earlier, I was informed of a revamp at shopbop.com, so off I went for a look around. As if I hadn't already looked at enough shoe boots this week, I found these twee little granny boots with 70% off - and, in my size! I love pointy brogue boots, but should I really be preparing for winter already? Am I only tempted because of the discount?

Diane von Furstenburg bootie - $795 -> $238.50

Then I came across this beautiful beaded tunic from Antik Batik, with 50% off. Again, I am sorely tempted. It's so pretty, but not in an in your face, full on sparkle-fest, bling bling way. It's an awkward length for me (like most tunics) ...could I get away with wearing it as a dress? Or could I tuck it into a high-waisted skirt?

Antik Batik tunic - $547 -> $273.50

...And off to net-a-porter, the biggest online source of desire and heart-break. Here are 3 items new in this week which caught my eye. Firstly, this insane almost scary looking pair of heels from Guiseppe Zanotti. Call me crazy, but when I first saw them they reminded me of the Mighty Boosh Black Frost character. Something to do with the sinister spike shapes and the black ice sparkles.

Guiseppe Zanotti - £890

Then, something less dramatic but equally desirable. These monochrome Louboutins are quite simply gorgeous. I can think of loads of outfits I'd pair them with. Not quite as pricey as the Zanottis, but still too expensive for me to feel comfortable buying.

Christian Louboutin - £620

Finally, a really unique, eye-catching blouse from a label I've not come across before. Willow are the makers of this chiffon delight. I can't decide whether I love it or just think it's plain odd, but the colour is lovely and the layers of chiffon petals add a special touch to the piece.

Willow - £310
all images from shopbop and net-a-porter


Lauren said...

Wow, those Guiseppe Zanotti heels are amazing! I love those!


Ashita Alix said...

ooohh these pieces are excellent! All i need now is some money

linda-mari said...

Love the beaded tunic, Zanotti pumps and Willow sweater. Amazing!


Gisela said...

omg! I was eyeing those DVF green booties too! i just think they are so chic! are you getting them? I have to curb my spending badly, lol.

Grace said...

The color on the chiffon sweater is gorgeous. I think I'd prefer it worn more casual to downplay the piece.

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

Definitely the willow shirt !
It will be perfect on you...


bryna said...

wow. those zanotti heels are insane.

The Queen of Hearts said...

That top is absolutely amazing. I would totally do it with a pair of super dark wash high - waist denim in the fall.

Marian said...

this is the most delish list of items. the dvf booties are yummy! love the Giuseppe, they look alive :), the tops are gorgeous!! I can imagine you wearing each of these pieces.

Liberty London Girl said...

oh i love Willow. So chic! LLGxx

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