Friday, 31 July 2009

Seeing Red

Sigh. What a beautiful vintage dress. Not sure of the date, early 30's perhaps? Regardless, it is an exquisite example of embellishment and a sensual cut. The only thing I don't love is the colour. Red isn't really a colour I like to wear, unless its a dark burgundy. I used to hate black and red, then I went through a phase of loving it and wearing it all the time. Then I inevitably got a bit sick of it. Now, if I want to wear colour, I go for green, as red feels too bright on me. Having said that, looking through my 'fashion' pictures folder on la laptop, I found many a red dress I simply couldn't say no to....

Armani Prive couture ss 09:

Alexander McQueen various collections:

Chanel resort 2010:

Dior couture ss 07:

JPG a/w 06 couture & a/w 09 RTW:

C. Lacroix couture a/w 08:

Zac Posen a/w 08 & 09:

John Galliano a/w 07:

Giambattista Valli a/w 08:

And saving the best til last....the gorgeous red dresses from Giles gorgeous a/w 2008 collection. Masterfully layering chiffon, the effect is ethereal and haunting. I'd probably gnaw my fingers off to own one.

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a mouse said...

every red here is *the perfect red*
which im always on the hunt for.

Gisela said...

omg! not boring at all! you look amazing, like emma watson but better! love the skirt, its the perfect length and btw, I saw the Giambattista Valli dress in person and it looks incredible in person!

Lick The Stars said...

amazing. i love the reds.

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