Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dented Elbows

Over the winter months I became somewhat enamoured with white elbow-length gloves. There's an elegance to the crisp whiteness that can't be matched. I bought this antique pair off of an eBay seller who didn't provide much information about them, other than that they are kid-skin and brand new, still attached having never been worn. I was pretty excited upon inspecting them to find the faint stamp of 'Dents Gloves' in one of them. Dents have been making gloves since 1777, so who knows how old these are?! I would estimate them to be from 1900-1910. They really are a buttery soft leather, and quite fiendish to get on by yourself, what with 3 dainty buttons on each.

I'm also wearing a lovely Edwardian lace blouse, which is as light as air. I bought the blouse from a seller who had 3 or 4 similar lace Edwardian blouses listed with this one. Unfortunately I only won the auction for this one. I may be bitter and biased but I think I got the best blouse out of the lot. I hadn't intended to look like an Edwardian horse-rider in this get-up, but I'm not complaining!

Cape (Mango), vintage blazer, antique blouse, trousers (American Apparel), antique Dents gloves, shoes (French Connection)

I also took the opportunity to photograph this wonderful hat I purchased last year. It is an antique tricorn hat with a plume of ostrich feathers. I'm unsure of it's age and its base material; it feels like a waxed linen (it is very lightweight and has a slight sheen to it) but I'm no expert on hats. Just a little disclaimer; I didn't go out wearing the hat. One of the problems I have with styling it is that it looks very costumey. I have no problem being a little theatrical, but don't want to look like I'm in fancy dress. Also, it feels a bit lightweight for a winter hat, but a bit gloomy for a spring/summer hat (possibly a mourning hat then?). Either way, I love it and I'm sure I'll find a use for it one day!

Lady, you look fab - Fan Bingbing (2)

Once again, Fan Bingbing displays near impossible heights of beauty and glamour, this time at Cannes Film Festival. The Chinese stunner wore a glorious red embroidered gown which she designed in conjunction with her stylist, Bo Kewen. Her hair and make-up were flawless as usual. I may be biased, but I am particularly loving her foray into a gravity-defying bouffant.

Bingbing also wore a beautiful gown inspired by traditional Asian embroidery to Cannes last year (shown below). I'm having a hard time picking a favourite between the two gowns, but I'd probably have to go for this years red number, as everything has come together perfectly to create a breathtaking look.

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