Tuesday, 16 October 2012

France 2012

After a long absence, hopefully a somewhat normal service shall resume here at House of Harps. I've been busy finding, buying, decorating and moving into a new flat. We're nowhere near finished yet but I will try to find the time to update when I can. For now, a few snaps from my summer holiday to the south of France. The summer months aren't terribly exciting for me- I prefer the layers and warm colour palette of Autumn and Winter- but I did my best to maintain elegance during the intense heat!

^ the villa we rented came with a cat; pretty awesome idea. Mischka thoroughly enhanced the holiday.

^ trompe l'oeil paintings covered this town

^ my Zara sandals sparkled so much in the sunshine

^ really thin château 

^ spot of shopping in a 1920's fringed shawl converted into a blouse

^ pretty badass car... the couple driving around in this looked like they were having the time of their lives. 

^ inappropriate bikini shot... the water was so so blue

^ my boyfriends Liberty bug shirt I bought him for our anniversary. 

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