Thursday, 27 August 2009

Belted in Black

Finally, I have a new camera! It's basically an updated version of my old one, so it didn't take long to get the hang of. It has a couple more megapixels than the old model, which means you get to see me in even greater detail (a decision I may come to regret!). On to the outfit....this dress is the same as in this outfit, however I have jazzed it up a bit with some fringing and vintage clips. As I mentioned in the previous Bally post, I recently bought an antique EPNS nurses belt, after much searching. I saw many beautiful belts which I would have loved, but never found one small enough for my waist. So, I started looking for one which could easily have some links removed, without spoiling the design. I got this belt for a very reasonable price, and allowed my father to expertly remove a couple of panels using only a hacksaw and ruthless determination. And a very good job he did too!

Shoes (New Look), dress (H&M), antique belt

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Beautiful Bally

I may be a bit late on the uptake here, but I recently discovered and fell in love with Bally’s fall 2009 offering. The ad campaign is such a disappointment considering the many gorgeous pieces within the collection, but I’m glad my ever roaming eye caught sight of the beautiful shoes (above) featured in one of the ads - as they led me to further investigate the Bally website, and ultimately the entire collection.

The vibe throughout the collection is me down to a tee. It is 1920’s opulence meets the 80’s OTT glitz (sumptuous velvet, jewel toned furs, draping, billowy silhouettes, devoré, black lace, metallics, ornate metal-work, TURBANS!). Oh and the shoes, OH MY GOD THE SHOES. Considering Brian Atwood is the man behind the collection, its no surprise the shoes are bloody gorgeous. The collections basic shoe template is a t-bar Mary-Jane, with beautiful gold adornment on the platform and heel, available in devoré (as above), lace, metallic snake-print, or plain leather. I want them ALL. The boots aren’t to my liking, but the heel is so beautifully sculptured I had to add in a picture below. A few of the pieces are now available to pre-order from luisaviaroma. Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately), I can’t find any of the shoes available online yet, although I saw the devoré versions in Vogue this month, and am informed that they are £995. Also worthy of note is a gorgeous brass pochette necklace, featured in many of the shots below, sometimes styled as a tiny bag rather than a necklace.

Strangely enough, a few days before I came across this collection, I bought a new turban, a big fur jacket and an ornate silver metal-work belt similar to the one styled in a few of the shots….now I can’t wait for autumn so I can start wearing them all and recreate the Bally look.

p.s. I have a new camera on the way, so outfit posts shall resume soon, phew!

images from, and

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I need I want I will

As I mentioned earlier, I have broken my camera. Well, now the back-up camera is broken too, so outfit posts will be postponed until my new camera arrives (which will be a while as I have yet to choose it). This means I have no option but to force my style upon you all through sharing the fruits of my e-window shopping/polyvore boredom. You lucky people! This does feel vaguely like a blogger cop-out, but then again, who doesn't like looking at pretty things?

So, this Jenny Packham dress...
It is green.
It is beaded.
It is flapperish
It will be mine.

Oh wait, what? Its £2,245? Ok, maybe not then.

I also just found this beaded delight, again by Jenny Packham, and
again, painfully pricey. I actually think I prefer this dress.

Images from

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Peachy Green

Apologies for the disappearing act; I've been away for a few days enjoying a mini holiday (any Prisoner fans out there? I went to Portmeirion on Wednesday- seriously one of the best places ever, so surreal). Anyway, before I went away I experimented with curling my hair. I have curly hair anyway, but I straightened it first, then put bendy sticks in and left them in for 36hrs (I didn't leave the house for a day). The result was rather fun, although I now realise I looked a bit like Louis XIV, who donned some badass black curls way before me. Before I went away, I also managed to break my camera, by dropping it for the 275th and final time. I had to use my fathers far inferior camera, and even resorted to my web-cam, but these shots aren't really any more awful than usual. Until I get a new camera though, outfit posts shall probably be few and far between.
The dress in this post is a gem. Mega tight, exposed zip, and cheap (thanks H&M). I wore it with my beaded peach vest, the colour of which is unusual for me, but one I definitely want to wear more. For some reason, I love mixing the blush/peach shade with vivid green hues. I don't know what made me crave this colour combination, but way back in January I used these colours as the basis of my first ever Polyvore set, which I've shown at the bottom of this post. Now all I need is more peachy clothing to go with my green accessories.

Shoes (Dune), beaded top (Topshop), dress (H&M), vintage belt, green scarf (random market stall).

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