Saturday, 8 August 2009

Peachy Green

Apologies for the disappearing act; I've been away for a few days enjoying a mini holiday (any Prisoner fans out there? I went to Portmeirion on Wednesday- seriously one of the best places ever, so surreal). Anyway, before I went away I experimented with curling my hair. I have curly hair anyway, but I straightened it first, then put bendy sticks in and left them in for 36hrs (I didn't leave the house for a day). The result was rather fun, although I now realise I looked a bit like Louis XIV, who donned some badass black curls way before me. Before I went away, I also managed to break my camera, by dropping it for the 275th and final time. I had to use my fathers far inferior camera, and even resorted to my web-cam, but these shots aren't really any more awful than usual. Until I get a new camera though, outfit posts shall probably be few and far between.
The dress in this post is a gem. Mega tight, exposed zip, and cheap (thanks H&M). I wore it with my beaded peach vest, the colour of which is unusual for me, but one I definitely want to wear more. For some reason, I love mixing the blush/peach shade with vivid green hues. I don't know what made me crave this colour combination, but way back in January I used these colours as the basis of my first ever Polyvore set, which I've shown at the bottom of this post. Now all I need is more peachy clothing to go with my green accessories.

Shoes (Dune), beaded top (Topshop), dress (H&M), vintage belt, green scarf (random market stall).


linda-mari said...

Beautiful necklace. I love green!

Marian said...

darling that is a beautiful necklace, the beaded crop top is gorgeous and yay to your first polyvore set!! love the greens,pale pinks and blacks.
Yes darling the ring i was wearing was a Jade one.
big kiss

a mouse said...

oooh we went to portmeirion this year!
didnt you just love how at 4:30 pm
or whatever it was .. they play the
prisoner on tv? we loved it ..
the food though?

i found that the pictures of the place
just didnt even do it justice..
i got some from online
to remember..!

love the necklace
and your hair is lovely :)

Shin said...

I adore your outfit! Your make up is so cool! xxoxoo

Gisela said...

you have such amazing hair! you remind me of a cross between dita von teese and meg white, but you are way hotter! for real :-)

Anonymous said...

That peach top is really amazing. I love the details on it.. they're different! And your hair looks great!

Nubiasnonsense said...

What I pretty necklace. I really like what you did on polyvore 2!

Jowy said...

green necklace reminds me of Emerald cityof the Wizard of oz, so pretty!

One Love,

Merily said...

You remind me of Snow White!
You're so beautiful!

Maverick Malone said...

You're beautiful.

Love emerald, and that white dress that's in the middle. The necklace is really pretty :)

xox, mavi

bryna said...

love that top and skirt combo!

Grace said...

Love the touches of kelly green.

Love Grace.

Aya Smith said...

Your hair is always amazing! I love the green... gorgeous! Green and cream (not only rhyme, lol) are my two favorite colors actually :)

The Queen of Hearts said...

Great necklace. Vintage?

Tereza Š. said...

love your necklase

harps said...

Queen of Hearts- yeah its vintage, from the 20's. One of my favourite pieces of jewellery!

ryan manning said...


KAELA said...

Beautiful outfit.. I love the unusual pairing of green and cream!


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