Sunday, 23 August 2009

Beautiful Bally

I may be a bit late on the uptake here, but I recently discovered and fell in love with Bally’s fall 2009 offering. The ad campaign is such a disappointment considering the many gorgeous pieces within the collection, but I’m glad my ever roaming eye caught sight of the beautiful shoes (above) featured in one of the ads - as they led me to further investigate the Bally website, and ultimately the entire collection.

The vibe throughout the collection is me down to a tee. It is 1920’s opulence meets the 80’s OTT glitz (sumptuous velvet, jewel toned furs, draping, billowy silhouettes, devoré, black lace, metallics, ornate metal-work, TURBANS!). Oh and the shoes, OH MY GOD THE SHOES. Considering Brian Atwood is the man behind the collection, its no surprise the shoes are bloody gorgeous. The collections basic shoe template is a t-bar Mary-Jane, with beautiful gold adornment on the platform and heel, available in devoré (as above), lace, metallic snake-print, or plain leather. I want them ALL. The boots aren’t to my liking, but the heel is so beautifully sculptured I had to add in a picture below. A few of the pieces are now available to pre-order from luisaviaroma. Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately), I can’t find any of the shoes available online yet, although I saw the devoré versions in Vogue this month, and am informed that they are £995. Also worthy of note is a gorgeous brass pochette necklace, featured in many of the shots below, sometimes styled as a tiny bag rather than a necklace.

Strangely enough, a few days before I came across this collection, I bought a new turban, a big fur jacket and an ornate silver metal-work belt similar to the one styled in a few of the shots….now I can’t wait for autumn so I can start wearing them all and recreate the Bally look.

p.s. I have a new camera on the way, so outfit posts shall resume soon, phew!

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Sandra said...

I totally fell inlove with your blog! Great insp. pictures, great design, great colours + black &White photoes etc. :)
I will definately link your blog and come back for more!



Shin said...

Gorgeous!! I adore the colors they use for their shoes!! They have some amazing stuff! xoxoxo

Natalie said...

Bally rocks my world. Their designs have gotten so much better. i used to just obsess over their booties and leather jackets, but now I really want their fur and sheer dresses! great post!


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love those lacy tights!

Leigh said...

Now that is art, such fantastic detail and in love with the tights!!!

:) Great blog.

Yuka said...

wow its pretty! the details are incredible

a mouse said...

it looks like the perfect
dream wardrobe for you!
i love it so much..
soo inspirational

Maverick Malone said...

Woowwww, I love everything here!! love love love!!

Marian said...

love EVERYTHING! the shoes,the lace legwear,the structure of the pants. Look five and seven are delish!!!
wonderful pieces

q9y8 said...

Wow, these are some seriously beautiful pieces. Love the shoes. Thanks for sharing.

elena said...

love this style.

check my blog:

Hapsical Blog said...

Cool collection - I hadn't seen these pics before so thanks for posting

Patty Ann said...

im going to go check out bally's too now!!
all of the items are so detailed

deep_in_vogue said...

Wow I can't believe it's Bally.. Gorgeous pieces though, and totally you!

Lecon de vetement said...

They were completely and obviously inspired by/copied you!!! so obviously this shoot is styled beautifully!!

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