Tuesday, 19 July 2011

HoH Holiday Highlights (week 2)

Week 2 of my holiday to Provence. The day I wore this Edwardian inspired outfit was perhaps the hottest day of the entire holiday (37°c +). I think the hat helped me avoid a deep tan. Also shown is a beautiful peachy pink caped dress my boyfriend bought me. Towards the end of the holiday it got quite windy (due to the Mistral winds); I was rather pleased as it allowed the cape to fly around in true superhero style.


And again, just some general holiday shots of the area.

The detail on the Popes' clothing below is wonderful; what looks like Battenburg lace, and wonderful tirered crowns, the 'Triregnum'. This painting is just one of many beautiful Papal portraits I saw in the Palais des Papes of Avignon.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

HoH Holiday Highlights (week 1)

I recently returned from a wonderful fortnight in Provence. Like last year, I shall share some of my finer sartorial moments. At times it felt too hot to even bother wearing clothes, but decency prevailed. I even caught a little tan, despite my factor 50. The area had a plethora of Roman ruins to explore, and many a picturesque vista. Enjoy!

This café surely has some of the best views in all of France...


And some general holiday snaps; it really was a beautiful area.

My boyfriend nonchalantly walks past the Christian Lacroix shop in Arles, not knowing the beauty inside. Lacroix was born in Arles.

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