Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Budget Bottega

Following my recent post on Bottega Veneta's fall collection and its delightful beetle accessories, I was inspired to get all bugged out, with insect jewellery and iridescent fabrics reminiscent of beetle wings. I pretty much had the jewellery covered, as I own quite a few pieces of insect jewellery (the pièce de résistance of my collection being a Victorian beetle who I first introduced over a year ago in this post.)
Clothing wise, I was pretty limited with just a pewter vest and sheer blue blouse. The 'bag' however makes up for a rather lacklustre outfit, and has been on my mind since I blogged about Bottega Veneta, as it's green/blue chequered iridescence is certainly similar to one of the bags in the collection. I say bag, but it is actually a Clinique toiletries case, which I added a chain to. My mum is a bit of a Clinique hoarder, and has a closet full of the little bags you get with special purchases. This one was always my favourite, I can't believe how long it took me to turn it in a usable bag.

My nails are a shimmery mint green, however have unfortunately photographed a baby blue shade.

For my eye make-up, I used various shades of glittery blue/green/black. I was struggling to photograph the sparkly products with much clarity, but quickly realised the unfocussed shots were rather pretty with their splodges of colour. Some of the shots below look like deep space, which is always fun.

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