Tuesday, 10 August 2010


The fall collections presented way back in February seem like a distant dream, but one collection has stayed at the forefront of my mind - that of Bottega Veneta. Not normally a brand I lust after, Bottega Veneta managed to really catch my attention, not with the clothes, but with the luscious accessories. For months I've been anticipating the arrival of the jewellery and shoes into stores, and now that time has come.
The major theme of the accessories is the beetle. I have a bit of a soft spot for insecty jewellery, with a couple of lucite bug bangles and my dear beetle brooch (plus this moment of madness). Not the most conventional source of inspiration, certain beetles actually possess a mesmerizing beauty with their colouring, hence their historic use in jewellery. Bottega Veneta have used the beetle as inspiration throughout the collection: in a very literal way, using the beetle form in much of the jewellery; and in a more subtle way, using metallics and iridescent green hues reminiscent of beetle wings.

Browns currently has a small collection of Bottega Veneta beetle jewellery available, including the standout, multi-tiered scatter necklace. Available here for £2250 (!).

Also available is a pearl and beetle necklace, which can be worn either as a long pendant (below), or doubled up and worn as a shortened festoon-type necklace (2nd below). Available here for £890

The beetle ring is a more subtle approach to insect jewellery. I just love the turquoise and coppery tones used. Available here for £230

Net-a-porter recently added some of their picks from the collection, including the beetle earrings, available for £185

The rather modest beetle bangle is one of my favourite items. I like the way it was presented on the runway, usually in pairs, to quite elegant effect. Available for £265.

Net-a-porter also has an oxidized silver beetle ring on its virtual shelves, but I find the coloured pieces far more interesting. It is the beetles outer colouring that I find beautiful after all. The whole selection of jewellery is viewable on the Bottega Veneta website here. There is quite a large range in styles with varying degrees of drama. I'd happily wear any of it. Whilst on the BV website I spotted a couple of gorgeous box clutches I failed to notice on the catwalk. The bug studded version is crazy expensive at $8000, whilst the beautiful patchworked, iridescent green clutch is a little easier on the wallet at $2100 (ok, not that easy).

I've been waffling on about the jewellery so much, you'd never guess it was the footwear I was most enamoured with. I'm not much of a wedge girl, but for some reason, the sinuous metallic wedges presented really got me lusting after them. There's something so elegant and organic about their form, I'd take them over the jewellery any day. I've been eager for them to arrive in stores, as I thought they'd make a beautiful summer footwear option, catching the sunlight. It's doubtful I'll be wearing them this summer though as their price is higher than I'd let myself spend. Looks like I'll have to wait a few more months for them to go in the sale.
The only place I've found them for sale so far is the BV website itself, where they are available for $1030. Come on 50% off sale, I need some green metallic shoes! (No seriously, I've been after some for months, years even.)

images from style.com, net-a-porter.com, matchesfashion.com and bottegaveneta.com


WendyB said...

Eek! I hate bugs. Love the wedges though.

TheBlackWardrobe said...

As soon as I saw that necklace I KNEW you would love it...
Green+ gothic-elements +layering (like edwardian multi-strand necklaces...) VERY you...

I really really like this little dark piece too. I am thinking of making something similar with little spiders covered in jet black crystals (mini-versions of my brooches, actually) hanging from chains in antique gold shades. Lovely!


Dial V for Vintage said...

I love it! Although I'm not a fan of living insects, I do like these accessories. Especially the metallic, iridiscent colours.
It reminds me of a Belgian artists who frequently uses beetles in his art: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f3/Salon_des_Glaces-_Jan_Fabre.JPG (the ceiling and chandelier are covered with beetles), http://www.flickr.com/photos/93051314@N00/2714129123/ (a globe). It's not juwellery but maybe you'll like it!

Margaret said...

sigh. love love love if only :)
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

lyrebirdgully said...

these items are all gorgeous- but the shoes! they are the pick of the bunch as you say; so truly beetle-like, and they remind me of the Christmas beetles we get here in Sydney at Christmastime. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

SUCH a stunning necklace!



Lecon de vetement said...

amazing amazing, when I was searing for taxidermy bases, I found this website...scroll down for beetle brooches: http://www.tellmewhereonearth.com/Web%20Pages/Bug%20&%20Crab%20Specimens/Bug_&_Crab_Specimens.htm

Lecon de vetement said...

I really want the vest with all my heart!! WOW I haven't lusted after something to this level for so long!!

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