Sunday, 15 August 2010


A couple of months ago I bought a silk Edwardian gate-top bag. The colour is a little hard to describe....quite a rusty, coppery tan colour, but with dusty pink undertones. I was finding it difficult to style, mainly because of its colour, and the fact that I don't have many pieces that fall into such a long-winded colour category. The bag presents a further sartorial dilemma for me in that it mixes gold and silver- having gold hardwear, and silver in the silk brocade. It kinda makes my skin crawl seeing gold and silver mixed, but I'm just going to have to get over it and stop being so damn fussy.
Anyway, I was searching through some of my mums 'vintage' belts from when she was a young lady, and came across a perfectly fleshy toned belt which complements the bag. Finally, I was able to take the bag for its first outing. I must apologise for baring my pasty white legs, but tights really didn't work with the outfit. There's a reason I always wear tights, and that is so I don't blind people with the reflection.

The bag is actually a bit of a Tardis, fitting all the essentials in, and more.


WendyB said...

Perfect! Such a romantic look.

lyrebirdgully said...

Gosh Ms HOH, you are the HRH of Style. Another oh-so-subtle yet stunning outfit, with an unexpectedly luscious colour combination. Your tone matching works like a charm, as always. And I admire how you can put so much detail and complexity into an outfit like this, while still wearing only 2 pieces of jewellery...that's quite a skill! Thanks so much for sharing yet another inspiring outfit.
PS. I'm often too lazy/tired to comment on all your outfits, but I love them all!
PS. I see what you mean about the metal closure on the bag; the "gold" is a bit brassy in tone, but the bag overall is nevertheless well worth the effort to style.

harps said...

Thankyou lyrebirdgully, your comments are always much appreciated. I love your 'HRH of Style' remark, I may have to insist people start addressing me as such!

Dial V for Vintage said...

I love the pattern on your lace dress, it looks very delicate. And I wish I could do my hair like that...

Anonymous said...

incredibly stunning bag! i admire your style so much, its just too much goodness, your eye for detail, its so stark yet romantic.... love it!



Grace said...

The opening to the bag is AMAZING!

Love Grace.

Heather Taylor said...

Great gams and bag! Looking sharp, as per usual!

rainbowtexture said...

Thanks so much for you comment, it means a lot:) I love you always look SO beautiful. Very inspirational with your since of self and wonderful taste in material.

WinstonC said...

The bag is wonderful. And there is absolutely no reason to apologise for your leg exposure. Tanned pins wouldn't complement the Edwardian smokeyness of your outfits.


Lecon de vetement said...

Beyond gorgeous! I dont think I can take it!! OH my!!!

Anonymous said...

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