Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I've worn this floral blouse a lot this summer. Pure cotton, very breathable and easy to wear. The cotton is textured with raised dots, I'm sure there's a technical term for them but I don't know what (Swiss dots maybe?). My necklaces are part of a collection I started a while ago. It seems claw jewellery is all the rage now (Pamela Love anyone?), but I'm only interested in claws if they are grasping onto something. Today I am wearing claws holding onto pearl, green aventurine and crystal.

Silk trousers (Louise Amstrup at ASOS), blouse (Topshop), shoes (New Look)


Miss Tami Lee said...

I really love this. Your hair and make-up are amazing and the outfit works so well.

Dial V for Vintage said...

The last photo is simply stunning - what a beautiful portrait! Your skin is always flawless, what's your secret? :)

harps said...

ooh I have no secret, my skin is far from flawless! For foundation I use mineral make-up which has considerably improved my skins appearance, and gives the most even finish. That and I stay out of the sun!

christiana said...

im inspired by your outfits and how you reinvent that edwardian/nouveau/deco style with a modern twist, its so original and no style so unique do i see often!

i was wondering, whether you have or not, how you clean your EPNS nurses belt and whether EPNS leaves a coppery smell? i too have found a similiar one dating from the early 20th century and i'd like to know more about it :)

harps said...

Hi Christiana, thankyou for your wonderful compliment, it truly means a lot.

I have a few EPNS belts, but have never felt the need to clean any of them. I'm no expert and I'd hate to give you bad advice, but I just did a quick google and there is plenty of info out there regarding the cleaning of EPNS, from people who know what they're talking about! The second EPNS belt I bought came to me really rather bright and shiny, I suspect the seller had it cleaned before I bought it. My others have a more 'worn' look to them, but I have no desire to clean them as I quite like an authentic antiquated look. Regarding the smell, there is certainly a metallic odour to EPNS, but only really if you stick your nose right in it. If I've handled the belt for a bit my fingertips may retain a metallic smell, but it's really nothing too strong or problematic.

Hope I helped!

christiana said...

no worries :)

ahhh they must've gave it a cheeky clean!
i became a bit suspicious as i saw your shiny one then compared it to this other i've found and it was tarnished slightly and had a metallic smell so i hoped it was EPNS and not some white metal 70's replica but now you say it, i think it must be authentic :)(im no expert on antique-buying you see and i trust your knowledge of this)

thanks for your time and help!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Just after coming across your blog and I have to say I am loving your style. Love those trousers. :)SarahD

lyrebirdgully said...

Hi Ms HOH, another great jewellery/clothing combination. Dainty jewellery is not my forte, but your repeated pendant effect is very interesting and eyecatching. I also really like the cut of your satin pants, and the way their grey colour seems to pick up and reflect other shades.
The fabric of your top is "dotted Swiss" as you guessed, or possibly "hailstone muslin" - depending on the method used to incorporate the dots - a very antique-style fabric.

Devon said...

Lovely outfit! You look gorgeous x

The Honeyroom said...

Love the your floral blouse and your make up, perfection:)

Isabel said...

i love the blouse!

yuki said...

I like your outfit! It is perfect.

Cassidy said...

Oh I love your outfits! And that lipstick is so lovely. Gorgeous gorgeous.

la recessionista said...

I love the hairdo !!

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