Saturday, 28 March 2009

Eugenio Recuenco

I don't know much about photography, but I do know when I like what I see. Case in point: Eugenio Recuenco. I don't know how well respected or technically advanced Recuenco is as a photographer, but I do like his photographs. Looking through all his work up on his website, I only recognised one set of photos that were used in a Swarovski promotion I saw in Vogue a few months ago (and I remember thinking at the time what beautiful photos they were). If I were to put up all the photos I liked, we'd be here all day, so I stuck to the two photo sets that appealed to me the most. This first set of photos feature two absolutely perfect looking models for the theme. What I wouldn't do to have the girls' large doey eyes....she looks like such a doll. I may have the photos in the wrong order, as there is clearly a storyline going on, with these two getting married in the end? I don't know....I just like looking at them.

The second photo set has a shipwrecked theme; I love the circular framing, colouring and distortion used.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Feeling Convenient

I've not been posting as often as I used to. A case of blogger fatigue? I had felt like I was slowly losing momentum. I do worry about being boring, repetitive...showing too similar looks. But, I've had a couple of really nice comments recently, and shall do my best to keep posting regularly. This blog is as much about keeping me sane as it is a pleasure to do, so perhaps I shouldn't worry so much about things!? Anyway, this dress I bought because it was cheap and plain, and had potential.  As is often the case when you buy something because its cheap, not because you love it, I've only worn it once.  Its got quite a low cut, square neckline edged in a wide band of velvet. I tucked a silk scarf into the neckline, and it actually worked rather seamlessly, as if the scarf were part of the dress. I'll have to try it with different scarves. You can't beat the convenience of a black dress, so it'll be nice to have slight variations on the look. 

Dress (Miss Selfridge), scarf (Liberty of London), belt (Topshop), shoes (Chloé)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Blue Skies ∴ Suede Shoes

There wasn't a cloud in the sky today, which meant it was safe to wear suede shoes as the threat of rain was non-existant. I kept meaning to try these suede shoes with trousers, so I seized the opportunity. The top is one of those recycled tops that Urban Outfitters do, you know....where they take old clothes and jazz them up a bit. I don't wear it much as it fits slightly oddly, but it is rather cute. Quite a light, simple outfit for a sunny if only those outfits I created on polyvore would magically appear in my wardrobe for the sunny days ahead.

Trench (Zara), vintage belt, shoes (Miu Miu), top (Urban Outfitters), trousers (H&M).

Gorgeous deep green Barry M nail varnish called Racing Green. First two coats are quite a blue green, then a third coat makes it almost look like black with a green tint. Love it!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

House of Harps spring/summer 2009

It's been getting a bit warmer recently....I no longer need to layer roll-necks under all my clothes; I can go outside without a hat or gloves; and I can get away with wearing my rather lightweight trench, instead of a heavy winter coat. So I got thinking about the coming warmer weather, and how my wardrobe will change. To be honest, I'm not much of a summer dresser, and I will pretty much dress the same, but with less layers. I can see me being more colorful this summer though, as I have recently warmed to the idea of wearing colour. 12 months ago my wardrobe was probably 95% black, now it is probably around  60%...I've been doing so well! With this in mind, I spent a good few hours yesterday and today on polyvore creating a few summer looks that I would personally enjoy wearing. This was so much fun to do. It's like fantasy shopping... although it is quite sad that the items aren't actually in your possession, but on a computer screen. Anyway here goes...I did 7 looks. I could have done 70, but didn't want to bore anyone! If you click on the images you get a better look at the items. All the looks are centred around one item I really liked, and grew from there. 

1. The Floral Skirt - I like florals on a black background. It enables me to wear florals but in a dark way that is more suited to my style. This rose print is perfecly lovely, paired with a moss green silk top. Floppy hat is neccesary to protect me from the suns evil rays, and the circle sunglasses are a nice alternative to the ubiquitous Ray Ban. They're also more girly and therefore more fitting with this outfit. I even included flat sandals as an alternative to the heels, as I tend to wear flat shoes more in the summer than in the winter, I guess because they keep my feet cooler? I have a thing about V.Westwood bags, and whilst this one is pretty bright, I'd definately carry it with this outfit. I'm really bad at making decisions and couldn't settle on a pair of earrings, so I put my 3 favourites in. 

2. The Floral Jumpsuit - It's really colourful, but I would love to wear this ensemble! I really have no desire to wear a jumpsuit, but I love this print. After I'd done this set I realised its this print, from when I first talked about polyvore on the blog. Thinking about it, I guess the jumpsuit has a kind of retro charm that is appealing to me, but without the print I doubt I'd want one. The baby blue cardigan and belt really aren't my style, because of the colour, but in the context of the outfit I would want to wear them. Everything else I would happily wear and be able to mix in with my existing wardrobe. 'Cute' isn't really an image I aspire to, but the playsuit and the Ray Bans would give me a cute 1950's pin-up look ,which I'd be happy to sport. The raffia shell bag is equally cute and a perfect summer asccessory. Lastly, I need that carved coral brooch, its so damn pretty!

3. The Kimono Blouse - I can imagine wearing a light, loose and floaty blouse such as this would be a delight on a warm day. I have been getting into a looser, more voluminous shape recently, and could see myself wearing this. Aside from the fact that this blouse has been named the 'Kimono blouse', I feel this outfit has a Japanese vibe going on anyway, with the cherry blossom necklace and strong black lines of the shoes. The fan enhances this, and would keep me cool. Despite my love of lace, I wasn't too keen on this Prada bag from last season. However, I wanted a decorative bag as the clothing here is rather plain, and I think it tops the look off nicely. 

4. The Sheer Blouse - I don't know how this set turned out to be so pink, but at least its a pretty shade of coral pink. Perhaps there's one too many pink item for me to feel totally comforable in, but the blouse that inspired this set would certainly be welcomed into my wardrobe. The poppy border makes the blouse appealing to me; without it, it would be like any old run-of-the mill dotty sheer blouse. The trousers look pretty plain, but have buttons running up the outer calves which is a nice touch. I couldn't resist the Marc Jacobs boater hat (I need one), and the Prada heels I have been crazy about since the day I first saw them. That heel is just gorgeous and so art nouveau. I'm also lusting after the lace up heels, but can't find the designer. Theres a few brooches in the set to add to the cardigan. The coral brooch is there again because its so pretty and tied in well, and how cool is the King Edward VII and Queen Victoria brooch? I'm gutted it's already sold. No necklace as the top is too fussy already for one, but there is room for a stunning pair of earrings. Aren't they wonderful?! Oh damn, they're $9,750.   

5. The Sheer Cover-Up - Even on really hot days, I don't like to expose too much skin. I don't tend to feel heat that much anyway, and my skin is so white I'm sure I could blind people. Plus, I couldn't risk a tan! This lace top would be a useful item as I'm sure I could throw it on over most of my outfits, plus its rather pretty. I'm a big fan of Lulu Guinness' bags. Sometimes her designs can be a bit cliche and, dare I say it, tacky, but this bucket bag is perfecly charming. The floral heels are so so tacky, but for some reason I love them. God they even have a clear heel, but I'd sure as hell wear them. The colour palette of this set is closest to what I wear now, but I have no problem with wearing so much black in the summer. The necklace is pretty elaborate, so I kept the earrings simple, with little rose studs. 

6. The Painterly Top - This top is really beautiful...doesn't it look like a Monet? Emerald green is one of my favourite colours, and here it is combined with a new love of mine, royal blue. I've talked about how I've developed a liking for this shade of blue on my blog previously, and here it is combined in a really lovely way with the green, white and hints of lavender. I actually really want this entire outfit. I thought the shawl would be a nice way to cover up and keep me warm/out of the sun, plus the colour picks up on the blue in the top. No necklace in this set as the top is quite busy on its own and I wanted the earrings to get all the attention. They're so simple and elegant.  

7. The Amazing Scalloped Skirt - Last but not least, a really spectacular Emma Cook skirt (which has a really annoying box around it, sorry). There's a mix of a day and a night look in this set (although I tend to overdress anyway so would wear the night look in the day). The flats and rather understated green studs for day, with either of the two silver YSL bags. I love the Y-Mail bag, but then I saw the Muse Two in silver leather and had to put it in there. I already love that bag, and in silver it just seemed perfect! Naturally I couldn't decide between the two so I left them both in there. For night we have high heels, which are quite plain as the skirt is rather fussy. There's also some dramatic earrings from Lara Bohinc, whose work I really admire, and if you've read my blog before, you'll know how much I love Liberty bags, so there's a pretty little Liberty box bag too. I think I may have saved the best til last...I would totally wear this entire look, and green, black and grey is my favourite colour combination. 

Monday, 16 March 2009


I bought this top a couple of years ago, but I haven't worn it much. It's basically a cape-like lace top, which drapes really nicely. The thing that stops me from wearing it more is its elastic waistband where all the layers of lace are gathered (you can't really see it in the pictures as its hidden under folds of fabric). It has a really awkward positioning, in that I either want it to be tighter and actually fit my waist, or be longer and allow me to pull it down onto my hips. It's hard to describe, but it means that I find it hard to pair the top with both skirts and trousers. I feel like it should be longer, so that it hides the top of my trousers, to keep things from looking too messy. Hmm I'll try it with a skirt next time, but I recall not liking the combo last time I tried. Anyway, enough of that. The trousers I bought earlier this week. I now have them in black, grey and this shade of deep red. God I love H&M and their cheap trousers. 

Shoes (Dune), belt (gift), top (Urban Outfitters), trousers (H&M)

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