Sunday, 30 November 2008

No dad

Not a lot going on today, pretty sensible outfit for shopping. Got my riding boots on! I love them, although they’d probably disagree as I don’t wear them that often. This waistcoat I found in a charity shop, I love the paisley pattern. Every time I wear it my mother comments on how I’ve got my “no dad” waistcoat on…apparently were ones father to wear this waistcoat, it would result in the offenders child remarking “no dad, don’t wear that”. I can certainly see why this may be true. So whilst it’s a “no dad” for all the lovely fathers out there, it’s a “yes Jessica” for me!

Vintage leather jacket. Big black fur hat, riding boots (Zara), bag (Luella), trousers (H&M), black top (H&M), t-shirt (Zara), vintage waistcoat, vintage gloves.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Feeling Flouncy

I was unsure about this shirt at first, but felt myself strangely drawn to it. When I finally bought it last year and it arrived, I was really pleased I'd made that decision. The pattern and colours are kind of ugly, but in that weird sort of ugly goodness we all secretly admire. And anyway, who doesn't want an art deco lady with her legs awkwardly crossed all over their torso? The fabric feels lovely, but mostly, I was impressed by the shape. The sleeves are beautiful, full of movement, with a double layer of ruffles. Theres also a big peplum, which I have tucked away into my skirt, but when I wear this top with trousers the peplum is out on full view, equally as flouncy as the sleeves (is flouncy a word?).

I also feel the wearing of pink and red needs a special mention here. It's seen as one of those awful faux pas', a fashion rule not to be broken! Well I say fuck it, wear socks with sandals people! Wear black with brown! Break some more rules! Do whatever makes you happy! (but please for the love of good don't mix your metals, I can't stand gold with silver. If my shoes have gold hardwear, my handbag has to too, and all my jewellery must be gold. Pink and red I can handle, but gold and silver, are you serious?) I happen to think the hints of red look nice here.

Grey coat (Therapy), vintage shoes, bag (Luella), scarf (H&M), skirt (American Apparel), black top (H&M), shirt (Sara Berman).

(I cannot apologize enough for this photo, my gloves make me act like a rabbit)

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Feeling Lara Bohinc

No, don't worry; I haven’t been indecently assaulting the talented lady herself! Today the postman brought me a present, in the form of a beautiful Lara Bohinc handbag. Very kind of the postman you may be thinking, alas not, he was merely fulfilling his employee obligation and brought it, not bought it, you fools! So anyway, I have been stroking and admiring my new wardrobe addition all day, she sure is beautiful. In a reversal of the usual ‘get dressed, find a handbag that matches’ tradition, I built my outfit around the handbag. Shiny black texture, gold hardwear, and a gorgeous red lining? I accepted the challenge gladly! *WARNING* I got very snappy happy and took far too many pictures, but we all know my photos are far more interesting than my words.

Black wool princess coat (Mango), antique lace shawl, mustard vest (Ted Baker), vintage silk scarf, red cardigan (H&M), black cardigan (Topshop), vintage black velvet skirt, black patent leather shoes (Chloé), handbag (Lara Bohinc), my favourite pom-pom gloves and finally vintage dragon brooch, gold leaf necklace, rose bracelet and rose necklace (all from ebayzz I think).

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Prematurely Festive Dressing

Dear Solitary Reader, today I wore some awesome shoes, the likes of which you will never wear. In other breaking news, I wore a shamefully Christmas-y top which is totally the size of a house, likesuperserial. It has yet to do battle with my sewing machine, but when it does, it shall lose. And end up half its original size. Today my colours were black, burgundy and gold....

Vintage leather jacket, big black fur hat, antique lace shawl, the absolute must-have too-tight trousers (H&M), shoes (Zara), blazer (John Lewis), vintage paisley and flower print top, vintage bag.

Vintage pearl cluster brooch, paired with some earrings which are predictably coordinated. Oh well it makes me happy.

Look at the shiny shiny! Its pretty tacky but I love the colours, the floral pattern and the bit of shine the metallic paisley gives. You know you love it.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Feeling Grey

Succumbing to my incessant need to be matchy matchy, little miss coordination, todays outfit is an awe-inspiring symphony of grey, black and plum. Or something like that.

Peeling back the layers (it was pretty cold today)...

Black trench (Zara), floppy hat (Accesorize), Tootal scarf, antique lace shawl, vintage grey double-breasted blazer, lace top, grey roll neck (H&M), vintage wrap-around mini-skirt, vintage Carvela boots, grey freshwater pearl necklace, some cheap brooch from ebay.

Sylvester the friendly (dead) fox hogging some limelight below


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