Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Prematurely Festive Dressing

Dear Solitary Reader, today I wore some awesome shoes, the likes of which you will never wear. In other breaking news, I wore a shamefully Christmas-y top which is totally the size of a house, likesuperserial. It has yet to do battle with my sewing machine, but when it does, it shall lose. And end up half its original size. Today my colours were black, burgundy and gold....

Vintage leather jacket, big black fur hat, antique lace shawl, the absolute must-have too-tight trousers (H&M), shoes (Zara), blazer (John Lewis), vintage paisley and flower print top, vintage bag.

Vintage pearl cluster brooch, paired with some earrings which are predictably coordinated. Oh well it makes me happy.

Look at the shiny shiny! Its pretty tacky but I love the colours, the floral pattern and the bit of shine the metallic paisley gives. You know you love it.

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