Friday, 28 November 2008

Feeling Flouncy

I was unsure about this shirt at first, but felt myself strangely drawn to it. When I finally bought it last year and it arrived, I was really pleased I'd made that decision. The pattern and colours are kind of ugly, but in that weird sort of ugly goodness we all secretly admire. And anyway, who doesn't want an art deco lady with her legs awkwardly crossed all over their torso? The fabric feels lovely, but mostly, I was impressed by the shape. The sleeves are beautiful, full of movement, with a double layer of ruffles. Theres also a big peplum, which I have tucked away into my skirt, but when I wear this top with trousers the peplum is out on full view, equally as flouncy as the sleeves (is flouncy a word?).

I also feel the wearing of pink and red needs a special mention here. It's seen as one of those awful faux pas', a fashion rule not to be broken! Well I say fuck it, wear socks with sandals people! Wear black with brown! Break some more rules! Do whatever makes you happy! (but please for the love of good don't mix your metals, I can't stand gold with silver. If my shoes have gold hardwear, my handbag has to too, and all my jewellery must be gold. Pink and red I can handle, but gold and silver, are you serious?) I happen to think the hints of red look nice here.

Grey coat (Therapy), vintage shoes, bag (Luella), scarf (H&M), skirt (American Apparel), black top (H&M), shirt (Sara Berman).

(I cannot apologize enough for this photo, my gloves make me act like a rabbit)

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ldvnicole said...

Im freaking out with your unbelievable-ness!!!! Wow I'm completely in shock with your perfection!!!

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