Thursday, 27 November 2008

Feeling Lara Bohinc

No, don't worry; I haven’t been indecently assaulting the talented lady herself! Today the postman brought me a present, in the form of a beautiful Lara Bohinc handbag. Very kind of the postman you may be thinking, alas not, he was merely fulfilling his employee obligation and brought it, not bought it, you fools! So anyway, I have been stroking and admiring my new wardrobe addition all day, she sure is beautiful. In a reversal of the usual ‘get dressed, find a handbag that matches’ tradition, I built my outfit around the handbag. Shiny black texture, gold hardwear, and a gorgeous red lining? I accepted the challenge gladly! *WARNING* I got very snappy happy and took far too many pictures, but we all know my photos are far more interesting than my words.

Black wool princess coat (Mango), antique lace shawl, mustard vest (Ted Baker), vintage silk scarf, red cardigan (H&M), black cardigan (Topshop), vintage black velvet skirt, black patent leather shoes (Chloé), handbag (Lara Bohinc), my favourite pom-pom gloves and finally vintage dragon brooch, gold leaf necklace, rose bracelet and rose necklace (all from ebayzz I think).

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