Sunday, 30 November 2008

No dad

Not a lot going on today, pretty sensible outfit for shopping. Got my riding boots on! I love them, although they’d probably disagree as I don’t wear them that often. This waistcoat I found in a charity shop, I love the paisley pattern. Every time I wear it my mother comments on how I’ve got my “no dad” waistcoat on…apparently were ones father to wear this waistcoat, it would result in the offenders child remarking “no dad, don’t wear that”. I can certainly see why this may be true. So whilst it’s a “no dad” for all the lovely fathers out there, it’s a “yes Jessica” for me!

Vintage leather jacket. Big black fur hat, riding boots (Zara), bag (Luella), trousers (H&M), black top (H&M), t-shirt (Zara), vintage waistcoat, vintage gloves.

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