Monday, 1 December 2008

A long time ago, I used to wear purple...

So after the mediocrity that was yesterday, I had a bit more fun dressing today. For the sake of convenience I wanted to use my Anna Sui tote to carry heavy things today. This is a bag which I gleefully obtained for cheaps, but which much to my dismay has become ubiquitous with the pre-teen goth/punk/emo community in my locality. Bah! Whatever, I’m still going to use it because it’s still a cute bag and you gotta love the little cartoon of Anna Sui on the bag, it’s like looking at a photo of her! The colours of the bag determined my outfit today. Purple was my favourite colour as a youngster, I used to wear purple everything (including a rather questionable foray into purple lipstick, but lets forget I said that). Nowadays I don’t think I own anything purple, with the exception of this bag (oh and the scarf but that is a relic from my purple days), and I think this is down to me not being able to bear wearing purple and having red lipstick, which is something I wear pretty much daily. There’s just something about wearing red on my lips, and then introducing a new berry tone in purple to the mix and it just gives me a headache. Obviously back in the day when I was all innocent and too young to wear haughty red lipstick, the world was my purple oyster. Anyway this is all getting rather long winded. Pretty much, I toned down the red lips in order to carry the purple bag and add a purple scarf. I always though purple and green looked nice together, so that was the complex thought process behind my decision to add green hints in the form of gloves, a scarf and jewellery.

Black vintage jacket, vintage gloves, purple scarf from years ago, green scarf from some market, shoes from a shop years ago (this is all really helpful information I know), Anna Sui plastic tote, vintage skirt, vintage grey jacket, fringe scarf (Accessorize), black roll-neck (H&M), leather belt (Topshop).
The stripy skirt is something I intially thought was pretty mad/ daring for me. I hate to wear patterns and/or light colours on my bottom half what with me being a rather classic pear shape, but the vertical lines meant I soon got over the fact that I was wearing both a pattern and a light colour. I find the skirt is less in your face and brash when worn with muted colours as I have done today

Beetle bracelet and jade and silver bracelet

I even have silver nails, yay for coordination.

And silver shoes! I hardly ever wear these, a bit uncomfortable to walk in, but they have little sparkly stars all over them and are generally splendid.

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