Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Fringe Benefits

There's something great about wearing fringed things. The movement makes you swing about like an idiot (well, me at least). Wearing my fringe dress may have been a bit fancy for the day time, so I restricted myself to just fringing up top. This top is rather longer than the photos show, in fact most of it is hidden, but I like to belt it and have some fringey bits hanging over the belt and cinched waist. The velvet skirt adds another texture to the outfit, something I rarely think about in an outift, as I'm more of a pattern girl than a texture girl. The handbag is one I lusted after for a while, and when I finally got it I never used it much. I think the colours restrict the number of outfits I can wear it with, but I do love it. The shape is so ladylike, and the inside is a gorgeous red. It did just occur to me that the reverse side of it is plain black, so maybe I could get away with carrying it the wrong way round with more outfits? No-one would ever know! (execpt maybe you guys reading this)...so yeah thats it, not a lot to say today...oh maybe I'll just mention one of the necklaces. The longer one with dangly bits is from the V&A, based on a piece in their collection. I forget what era/cultural reference it is based on, but I like it because it looks like mini Faberge eggs hanging down from it, a little Russian reference I immediately jumped on.  

Black vintage jacket, antique lace shawl, shoe boots (KG), handbag (Lulu Guinness), red pom pom gloves (Jarrolds), vintage velvet skirt, vintage belt, fringe top (H&M), roll-neck (H&M).  


ldvnicole said...

I LOVE that bag!! as usual you look amazing!

CultureCynic said...

i feel the need to commment on every pic!!! i love how you wear fringe, u wear it well as it looks rather modern than flapper-esqe. and the preppy belt elevates the look of it, dont even get me started on the necklace.... u look ahmazzing as always! rock on!!


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