Friday, 12 December 2008

Feeling like an Edwardian Pimp

I wanted to wear this thing from Topshop today. I say thing because I can't decide if its a dress or a top. I've never been one for the whole 'leggings and a tunic' look, but in order to retain some decency, I thought it best to wear tights and leggings under this thing, just in case it is a top and I offend anyone. As long as it covers my bum, then who cares if its a top! I bought the thing in question as it was in the sale at a ridiculous price, and it features angel sleeves reminiscient of a cape (and we all know I like a good cape), plus some pretty embroidery work on the front. As it remains unidentifiable and in perpetual limbo between top and dress, it doesn't get much wear. I never understood tops like this, its too long to wear with a skirt, or trousers (for me anyway), I just don't get why people would want a top which comes down so low. Normally I tuck this into a high waisted skirt so that just the effect of the drapey sleeves can be seen, and all the excess material is hidden, but today I fancied trying it in a different way. Somewhere along the line of getting dressed, I started to look slightly Edwardian, maybe the hair, the high-neckline, the lace up boots...the jewellery? I don't know, but I'm happy to look this way, even if most people my age would not.

drapey capey angel sleeve fun!

Black coat (Mango), silk scarf (Tata-Naka), fur stole (M&S), vintage gloves, shoe boots (, handbag (Vivienne Westwood), vintage belt, vintage double-breasted blazer, black top (Topshop), grey roll-neck (H&M).

(yes, I am lame. I look like a school mistress)

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Cassidy said...

I love your outfit in the last picture.
Classy but casual.

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