Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Same hat, different look

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Today I wore the same hat as yesterday, yet the look is remiscent of a completely different decade. After I finished dressing I was reminded of Marc Jacobs' a/w 2007 collection, for a few reasons. My shirt is quite obviously some kitsch 70's take on the twenties, with an art deco theme to it, not dissimilar to the aforementioned collection, which was heavily influenced by a twenties aesthetic. The colours are similar, with me dressing in shades of grey, black and red. I also noticed today how pointed the collar of the shirt is, a detail featured in the collection too. Oh and the hat creates a similar sihouette. I think that just about covers all the similarities I noticed! The shirt in question is one I saw and immediately knew I wanted. It's pretty naff, but in a good way! There's some bloke on the front with a boater hat, cane and pin-striped suit. On the back, he's joined by his mates; a lady in a carriage, and her driver, who is lookin' sharp in his top hat. Could a greater shirt exist?! There's also a vest stiched in under the shirt which features the same image as the back, but today I hid it away and buttoned the shirt fully.

(It's a little labybird pin on my lapel, in case you were wondering)

Black vintage jacket, hat (Accessorize), shoes (Jasper Conran), vintage blazer, vintage shirt, skirt (Topshop).


ldvnicole said...

I want that shirt!!!

Cassidy said...

Oh my god!
You have such an amazing style, so cute =)
I'm definatly adding you to my list

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