Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Feeling kinda 70's

It must be a combination of the hat, the glasses and the particular shade of tan of my blazer, because I am feeling quite 70's today, which is not a decade I normally feel inspired by. The whole outfit was built around the shoes. I wouldn't normally mix tan and grey, (I guess its a bit like me fearing the mixture gold and silver, its just wrong!) but these shoes are too special to not love, and I can forgive them for mixing the two colours. My dress is mega cute, but crinkles beyond belief in within 30 seconds of wear. It's got a sort of pinny vibe, with the short length, the waist ties and the ruffly straps. I'm not ashamed to admit I feel a bit like a bit of a 'sexy French maid' prancing about in the dress. Although today its less sexy, more Cagney and Lacey.

Grey coat (Therapy), hat (Accessorize), handbag (Luella), shoes (Miu Miu), vintage blazer, roll neck (H&M), dress (asos.com).

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