Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Gold booties are top fun

Todays outfit isn't anything amazing or particularly note-worthy, I just really wanted to wear these boots. I got them in the sale yesterday, should've been £75, got them for £15, what a bargain! There was a lot of them in the shop, despite their ridiculous mark-down. I can only presume people think they're ugly/outlandish, but thats fine, there's definately room for gold boots in my wardrobe. They're a sort of dulled down old gold, the cut out detailing is so pretty and perfect for layering colour underneath, today I opted for red. The bag is actually an antique document holder, with a lion crest type detail. I added two bits of fabric down each side to make it handbag worthy. It has really beautiful detail, inside and out. My top is also interesting, it has some form of royal crest thingy with a crown, velvet drapes and some lions, you know....the sort of things that make a top awesome. My photos are really shitty today, sorry. I basically didn't have much time to get dressed or take photos, I would have added some jewellery, but sadly was lacking the time. Yeah and my hairs all crazy, but who's looking at that anway?

Black vintage jacket, scarf (?), leather gloves (M&S), antique bag, boots (Office), gold cardigan (H&M), red cardigan (H&M), belt (Topshop), vest (Balenciaga), black top (H&M), vintage skirt.

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