Saturday, 13 December 2008

Black Watch

I was more than pleased when I found this bag in the exact same tartan as my jacket. I think the tartan is called Black Watch, and I also think the bag is for binoculars, but I can get over that. Getting dressed, I thought I'd throw on my riding boots, in a bid to go for the old 'British heritage/mad country folk' look thats always popular at this time of year.

Whilst pinning on one of my brooches, I came to the realisation that I'm actually such an old biddy; I collect brooches and other 'fine' jewellery, I wear headscarfs and pearls, I match my shoes and handbag (and gloves), and I freaking love the Antiques Roadshow! Speaking of brooches, the blue enamel and marcasite one on my jacket is particularly special to me, and is so pretty it managed to convert me into a lover of that certain shade of royal blue. Blue is a colour that does nothing for me, its neither here nor there, its just kind of blah. But since I saw, and bought, this brooch, I've developed a love for this particular shade in jewellery, when paired with silver. The second blue brooch on my belt is a little Victorian one I got the other day. Its not as amazing as my original blue brooch, but still has that shot of gorgeous blue.

P.S. I'm sorry about how crinkled my skirt is. I should have got my maid to iron it! Also, the skirt was like 4 quid from Woolworths school uniform selection (hence the ill fit- 10yr old girls don't quite have the same shape as me)...what a bloody bargain.

Vintage leather jacket, antique lace shawl, vintage gloves, vintage bag, boots (Zara), tartan jacket (Moschino), vintage belt, silk shirt (Guess), skirt (Woolworths school uniform!)

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