Saturday, 20 December 2008

Feeling Wintery

I love winter. It's fun to pile on the hats, scarves, gloves, coats, furry things, velvety get the idea. I have a number of vintage little girls coats stashed away, and love it when the weather gets cold enough to wear them. My favourite is this green one, with all the perfect cute details. The outfit is a little pared down today, as I only went for a walk around my village, but it was fun to wear. Elbow length gloves were a neccessity as the sleeves on this coat are obviously for a child, and I didn't want to risk frostbite. The suede shoes are a little worse for wear, but they're from the 60's so what can you expect? They're nice and comfy, and a little different from the plethora of lace up flats seen in the shops these days. The tights are a forest green, and the skirt/bag are a deep red, echoing the red details on the coat.

Vintage Rothschild coat, leather gloves (Oasis), vintage shoes, bag (Vivienne Westwood), vintage skirt, black roll-neck (H&M).

1 comment:

ldvnicole said...

I want that coat with all my life, you look excellent as usual!

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