Thursday, 18 December 2008

Avoiding the emo

The other day I bought myself an early Christmas present, and today it arrived. It was quite naughty of me, I just couldn't resist though....I had a discount code, thus my purchase of (another) Liberty handbag is justified! I had planned on wearing this outfit before the bag arrived, but the bag fitted in with it quite nicely and I just had to take it out with me asap! The bag is pretty roomy, useful for me today as I was shopping, and I managed to fit all my purchases in it (see, I'm also saving the planet, as I didn't need the plastic bags offered to me in each shop). I really wanted to wear my stripy trousers, as they are rather neglected. My boyfriend said they were emo, and ever since I've been wary of wearing them and looking emo. However, when I bought these, the look I had in mind was less emo, more 19th c. dandy in his breeches and boots, and I think I've managed to avoid the emo trap so far. I debated whether or not to wear my riding boots, but opted for these burgandy shoes, are they echo the dark red on the scarf, and my boots have been getting a lot of love recently. The bag is perfection; Ianthe print tooled leather, with silver plates at the top which double up as mirrors, yeah!

Vintage black blazer, silk scarf (Tootal), shoes (M&S), vintage blazer, trousers (H&M), t-shirt (Zara), handbag (Liberty of London).

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WinstonC said...

You have an excellent eye for mixing and matching clothing and accessories. The trousers are to me the epitome of Regency gothic.

The bow tie piece was interesting - the sheer shirt over the stripes works very well.

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