Sunday, 14 December 2008

Outfit for shoppingz

I was determined to wear trousers today, I've been wearing far too many skirts and dresses! I'm glad I did too, as it was SO wet and SO windy today, it was horrid. I've not got a lot to say, nothing amazing about my outfit, but it was comfy and I got to use my favourite new bag. My cardigan looks pretty standard, but its actually really nice when you see all the details. The sleeves are quite loose, till the wrist where they are pulled in by a tight band, there's ruffles around the top half, the buttons are small and pretty, and it has ties to form a bow with. It's just like a typical pussy-bow blouse actually, apart from in a knitwear incarnation. I'm surprised I don't wear it more often. Thats all for now!

Vintage leather jacket, vintage shoes, bag (Lara Bohinc), gloves (Jarrolds), scarf (Tie Rack), socks (Ted Baker), trousers (H&M), cardigan (Urban Outfitters), mustard vest (Ted Baker).


ldvnicole said...

Your style and blog are amazingly exquisite!! I am so glad you found me!!!You cant image how excited I am to see what you put together next!!!!!

harps said...

aww thankyou, all your comments are too kind! Your blog makes me want to wear more colour, I wear too much black, its a bad habit.

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