Thursday, 11 December 2008

Everyone likes capes!

I didn't have much time to get dressed today, hence my lack of jewellery/outlandishness, so I kept it pretty simple. This dress is an 80's body-con dream. It is so easy to just throw on and accessorize accordingly. And its mega comfy. As I look pretty plain today, thought I'd bring out the old cape to add a bit of interest. Its got a hood and everything! I do love a good cape, but I always end up with chilly arms as it sits just at my elbow. In the face of such a conundrum, I conjured up an immense amount of brain power, and came to the genius conclusion that I should just wear long gloves to keep my precious arms warm. So thats what I did. Also, because the cape is elbow length, you could just see the fringe of my jacket peeping out, which was mega fun. For your enjoyment, I have attatched a picture of me doing some form of wild, fringe shaking dance below. Oh and one more thing, because I didn't have to carry much today, I got to use my little feather handbag, which I have just realised looks like a owl staring back at you. Its awfully pretty, but not that practical being so small/fragile/colourful.

Black cape (Mango), vintage fur hat, copper shoes (New Look), leather gloves (Oasis), vintage handbag, blazer (John Lewis), vintage dress, leather belt (Topshop), silk scarf (Liberty of London).

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