Tuesday, 28 February 2012

She wore blue (green) velvet

Double outfit bonus post, yay! A couple of looks from last week featuring my beautiful 1970's green velvet coat. Honestly, it is a gorgeous deep green, however my camera would like you to believe it is a teal/blue colour. Metallic silver gloves and turban, a tassel rope belt and a lace blouse with a charming ruffled collar complete the ensemble. This outfit actually won me an amazing prize with the V&A as part of their Street Style Competition on Facebook. I was ridiculously excited to win as I adore the V&A Museum; thankyou to the fashion curators for choosing me. 

Bonus cat-picture. I'm a crazy cat lady who tries to befriend every feline within reach. This little guy recently moved in nearby and keeps following me home.

Outfit two is a pretty standard Winter Russian Princess look with a huge furry Cossack hat, lace dress and patent booties. A polo-neck for warmth, velvet gloves and an antique belt complete the look. I bought the hat at the start of winter and it has pretty much left all my other fur hats redundant due to its immense warmth, size and general awesomeness. 

The hat looks so good and fuzzy backlit 
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