Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Big hair makes me happy

I don't know how I did it, but somehow today I managed to create a masterpiece on top of my head. I quickly hairsprayed it, and continued my day barely daring to move my head. Gotta love big hair! I just know that the next time I go to recreate this hair-do, I'll fail miserably. Thats always the do something once really well, and when you have another go, just don't quite manage the glory of the first time (I find this happens to me with hair experimentation a lot). Hair aside, I went for quite a common colour trio for me. I seem to be wearing black and grey with either red or green quite a lot. I think I'm conscious of wearing too much black, so have been swapping blacks for greys, and injecting bits of colour here and there. God forbid I actually wear an outfit without any black. The waistcoat is pretty cute, with lace flower things stuck on it, and an asymmetrical fastening. I've had it a number of years and often pair it with this black dress, for an easy, comfortable look that isn't too boring.

Black vintage jacket, bag (Vivienne Westwood), boots (Kurt Geiger), gloves (M&S), blazer (John Lewis), waistcoat (River Island), t-shirt (Zara), dress (Topshop).

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cowboy Jockey?

I'm not sure what my thinking was behind this outfit...all I know is that I wanted to mix deep burgandy red with a brighter turquoise. I think my desire for this pairing possibly came from this look where I had dark red on my lips, and turquoisey colours throughout the outfit. For some reason the colours and possibly the stripes too are reminding me of a jockey? I could be alone in thinking that. The cowboy element comes from the shirt, which is by the now defunct Copenhagen label Camilla Staerk. Before the label ceased trading, Camilla left the company and started her own label again under the name Staerk. I've not seen much of Staerk's work, but the clothes by Camilla Staerk (this is getting confusing), were pretty interesting and worth a look. The lady herself is actually pretty damn cool. Go her, she's usually wearing all black with a well tied headscarf. My shirt is from the aw06 collection, which first brought the label to my attention. The collection was full of nice little details, bits of lace, different textures and unusual shapes/execution of quite classic pieces. Plus, the accessories, in particular the buckle boots, were desirable. I liked the addition of a different texture into the shirt, in quite a subtle way, with the shiny material, and of course, the little neck tie is cute. I think next time I wear the stripey stockings I'll wear darker tights underneath so the contrast isn't as noticable, and the stripes more subtle.
p.s. I acknowledge the fact that my skirt needs ironing.

image from

Bag (Vivienne Westwood), blazer (John Lewis), shirt (Camilla Staerk), vintage skirt, shoes (ebay).

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Boop Oop A Doop

Today's outfit isn't anything special or post-worthy, but the accessories do deserve a little bit of attention! The shoes I want to wear all the time because they are just so much fun to prance around in. The heel is pretty substantial and easy to walk in, they are mega comfy and visually, they are pretty sick. Not sure what look I was going for today, all I know is that I definitely wanted to wear lace with the shoes, as some sort of pretty and delicate/mad and modern juxtaposition. This jacket gets a lot of wear during the cold months. From the front its pretty feminine, with the fur collar and waist ties, yet from the back, its a whole other story. It has the look of a typical motorcycle jacket, and has a 'toughness' that ties in with the slutty shoes. The Betty Boop bag I absolutely fell in love with when I first bought it. I've always loved Betty Boop, I even used to look like her... when I was 16, I cut my hair really short, and let my naturally curly wild hair loose, people used to comment that with my pin up style, short black hair and red lips I looked like her. Betty Boop imagery aside, the bag is still pretty cute in its own right. Its made of clear plastic, with black piping and a little tassel, and has a Japanese feel to it (to me, anyway). I don't use it nearly enough, as it is a little awkward to carry and I'm forever afraid of smashing it. 

Vintage black jacket, shoes (Office), bag (ebay), skirt (American Apparel), vintage lace top, grey roll-neck (H&M), belt (M&S). 

Friday, 23 January 2009

Winter Floral

Wow, I actually look quite ladylike today. Funny how the length of your skirt can really determine the feel of an outfit. I used to wear knee-length pencil skirts on a near daily basis, then I got bored and thought I looked too formal/grown-up for my I discovered that I can just about get away with a body-con mini skirt, and I've not looked back since. This skirt is way too big for me, but I loved the floral pattern on a black backdrop, so bought it anyway. It should be a full length skirt, but I've got it pulled up to my bust, and belted to keep it there. The length is pretty conservative, and the print pretty twee, so as to avoid looking like some sort of prim prairie maiden, I used quite a 'tough' bondage-esque buckled leather belt to hold the skirt up, and added my fringed blazer, to bring in a more masculine, modern feel.

Coat (Mango), shoes (Dune), blazer (John Lewis), top (, vintage skirt, belt (Topshop).

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