Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Baggy Goodness

Todays post is going to be looong, in terms of pictures at least, but you can usually rely on me to waffle on aswell. I took so many pictures because I kept changing small things about the outfit. More on that later. If there's one useful thing about this about this blog (obviously other than the joy I bring to millions of fans), is that I can chart what I wear, and when I last wore it. For example, I last wore the top I'm wearing today in November, which is a shame, considering it is one of my most Wintery tops, and Winter won't be around forever you know! So I dragged it out of the bottom of my draw, and remembered how much I like it. I've paired it with this cardigan I bought on Sunday. It is a long cardigan, something which I used to be adverse to. I just never understood really long cardigans, nor enjoyed the silhouette. It seemed like unnecessary bulkiness on the hips, and I never have been one for baggy clothing. But recently I started warming to the idea, and that it may make a nice contrast to the short skirts I usually opt for. So I looked around, and found the bargain of the year (literally), with this gorgeous coloured one from Topshop, for £5 in the sale! Not only is the colour divine, but it has a lovely semi-sheerness to it. I bought it 3 sizes too large deliberately, so that it gets maximum drapeyness (thats not a real word). I guess the thought of wrapping myself in swathes of lovely loose fabric started to appeal to me as recently I've been wanting some form of vintage duster robe/jacket to waft about the house in.

The first outfit I put together with the cardigan turned out really well. The sheerness of the cardigan worked nicely with the top underneath, as metallic bits were just visible peeking out from under. I took loads of photos a) beause I kept buttoning the cardigan up, then unbuttoning it, then belting it, then taking the belt off, and generally couldn't make my mind up which looked best...and b) because I did add a bit of fringey trimming I bought at the weekend, but then had a change of heart and removed it, thinking I needed to refine the usage of it first. I will be adding it to a top in the future, but it was sitting there just screaming at me to put it on because it matched with the hues of the outfit. At the bottom of the post, I've shown how different this top looks when I do and don't use the flash. It almost looks like 2 different tops. Without the flash, the gold foil paisley detail of the top is really highlighted, yet the flash highlights the floral pattern on the background, like in the above picture. The top in real life is somewhere between the two. Ok, I'm going to stop talking now.

Vintage black jacket, vintage hat, leather gloves (H&M), bag (Urban Outfitters), boots (Office), cardigan (Topshop), vintage top, skirt (Topshop).

No flash ↓

Flash ↓

p.s. I was having a bad hair + face day, forgive me.

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