Thursday, 15 January 2009

Feeling Feathery

This hat is truly a delight, yet I've not worn it much. It is rather delicate to put on and affix, but so far I've done well and only one feather has flown the nest. I did try to reattach said feather today, but it fell straight out again, woe is me. Its made up of a massive variety of feathers, and must have taken a long time to assemble. I'm not sure of its age, so if anyone reading has any thoughts on the decade, I'd be interested in hearing them. The shawl is equally stunning, gotta love things with tassels on them! The lace top I actually have in white as well as black. Surprisingly, I wear the white one more than the black, so today I thought I'd give the black one an outing. Its got those drapey ruffley almost angel sleeves that I love so much, and lace has always been a favourite of mine.

Vintage jacket, vintage hat, vintage shawl, top (Miss Selfridge), vintage velvet skirt, shoes (Dune).


ldvnicole said...

WOW to the ship and scarf!!!!!!!!! That last picture it sooo exciting!

CultureCynic said...

OMFG i had that scarf when i was like 12. it was HUGE in NIgeria in the 90's!!!!! OMG i gushed outloud when i came across them, up until now i had never seen anyone outside of Nigeria wear them in such an unexpected way. Much respect.

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