Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cowboy Jockey?

I'm not sure what my thinking was behind this outfit...all I know is that I wanted to mix deep burgandy red with a brighter turquoise. I think my desire for this pairing possibly came from this look where I had dark red on my lips, and turquoisey colours throughout the outfit. For some reason the colours and possibly the stripes too are reminding me of a jockey? I could be alone in thinking that. The cowboy element comes from the shirt, which is by the now defunct Copenhagen label Camilla Staerk. Before the label ceased trading, Camilla left the company and started her own label again under the name Staerk. I've not seen much of Staerk's work, but the clothes by Camilla Staerk (this is getting confusing), were pretty interesting and worth a look. The lady herself is actually pretty damn cool. Go on...google her, she's usually wearing all black with a well tied headscarf. My shirt is from the aw06 collection, which first brought the label to my attention. The collection was full of nice little details, bits of lace, different textures and unusual shapes/execution of quite classic pieces. Plus, the accessories, in particular the buckle boots, were desirable. I liked the addition of a different texture into the shirt, in quite a subtle way, with the shiny material, and of course, the little neck tie is cute. I think next time I wear the stripey stockings I'll wear darker tights underneath so the contrast isn't as noticable, and the stripes more subtle.
p.s. I acknowledge the fact that my skirt needs ironing.

image from camillastaerk.co.uk

Bag (Vivienne Westwood), blazer (John Lewis), shirt (Camilla Staerk), vintage skirt, shoes (ebay).

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CultureCynic said...

u look like a life size doll!!! the intricate layering is mad fresh!!..love the shirt as well.


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