Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Furry Details

Todays outfit was based around my new brooch. It's such a good idea for a brooch, I can't believe I've not seen ones like it before. The main base of the brooch is a painted lady's profile, attatched to which are fur bits, making it look like she is wearing a fur hat and fur coat. It is really effective and rather well executed. I don't want to get embroiled in a massive debate about the ethics of fur, but I do enjoy the aesthetic of fur, whether fake or real. However, I will say that I would only ever wear vintage fur. It's not as if I'm about to comission the killing of an animal for my enjoyment of its fur, I've seen the videos and read the PETA propaganda, I'm fully aware of the conditions under which fur is obtained, and its not very nice. But I'm not about to stop wearing vintage fur because my wearing it would in no way fund the current fur trade, nor can anything be done about the animals which are now part of vintage clothing.

Ok, so using the colours of the brooch I put the outfit together, brown hues in the hat, a pop of red with the gloves matching the figures red lips. I was carrying a lot today, so needed a huge bag. This bag came in handy at uni, as I could carry mega loads in it, plus its rather beautiful. The earrings, a wonderful friend bought for me, for which I am very grateful. I'd like to start wearing earrings more, as I have so many nice pairs, but often go without. I'm not into New Years resolutions, but perhaps this year I can make more of an effort to wear earrings (granted, thats quite an easy resolution, maybe I should rethink my prioritites).

Vintage black jacket, vintage hat, bag (Vivienne Westwood), boots (Office), gloves (Jarrolds), blazer (John Lewis), vintage dress,

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