Saturday, 10 January 2009

Edwardian Charm

This top is one of my all time favourites. I was really surprised to find it in a high street shop, the detail and quality of it is stunning. 100% silk, with lots of lace, embroidery, and buttons up the back, I was happy to pay the 60 odd pounds it cost me. The colour has been difficult to photograph, especially with the flash which invariably distorts colour, but the above picture is pretty representative of what its like in real life, a purpley claret colour with browny undertones. As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I recently bought a load of coloured socks from this website. I ordered some red socks, but it turns out they're actually pretty pink. So I layered over some sheer grey socks, to dull down the pink, and they happen to tie in with the top reasonably well... Although the photos may tell a different story. 

Vintage black jacket, vintage grey blazer, shoes (Kurt Geiger), bag (Vivienne Westwood), leather gloves (M&S), top (Oasis), trousers (H&M), socks (

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