Thursday, 22 January 2009

Something new, something blue

As I've previously mentioned, I think I have a habit of sticking to the same silhouette too much, and would like to try more new things. I don't usually go for much 'volume' in my outfits, nor do I normally like loose fitting things, but I loved this top when I first saw it, and loved it even more when I tried it on. It's not exactly a fashion risk, but it is something new to introduce to my wardrobe, whilst the ornate pattern ensures it is true to my style. I'm getting an Edwardian Orientalist feel from the top, probably something to do with its floatyness and Eastern pattern? The top is basically a silk scarf, turned into a blouse. Its drapes beautifully, and it feels so light on the skin. I'm sure that this top will get a lot of use over the coming summer, as an easy to throw on cover-up. It really is quite sheer, and I wanted to inject a brighter colour into the outfit, so I layered a turqoise vest underneath, with matching socks. Whilst I was dubious about the top in the shop, I'm now quite excited at the prospect of mixing it with more outfits...I can try belting it, tucking it into a high-waisted skirt, wearing open over a top/dress, or even gathering and tying it at the front, exposing my midriff (I'll save that one for warmer days [also, there's a murmur that crop tops are going to be 'fashionable' again for the summer. I look forward to reliving my glory days as a child of the 90's, who so often wore crop tops]). The shoes I love so so much (how can you not love pewter snakeskin platforms?), but they are slightly too big so don't get much wear. The leather has stretched to the point where they slip at the back every time I take a step, so I had the genius plan of affixing them to my feet with ribbons, and bloody hell it actually worked. I bought them on a geography field trip, where I did more shopping than geographying. One final hair. I managed to create the mother of all beehives today, as seen in the first 2 photos below. It made Marge Simpsons hair look small. It was suitably hairsprayed and secured, but then I took a look at the extreme wind outside, and decided it wasn't worth the frustration of getting outside and it falling to pieces in public. So, I reluctantly took it down a notch, to more appropriate extremes. It was fun while it lasted.

Shoes (Ravel), fur stole (M&S), top (Zara), vest (Mango), trousers (H&M).

My eye make-up was pretty blue, but the flash seems to have removed any trace of my painstaking application of turquoise shadow. Also, a darker almost purple lipstick, as my normal red would have looked out of place with todays outfit.

Blue nails, very dark blue, but still blue! A first for me

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Sasha said...

You're too good to be truth )

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